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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

Chip takes in the bridge and begins to get nervous. "That's crazy as hell," he opines. He voices over that when he looked up the ladder, it looked like it was "as tall as the Empire State Building." As Chip climbs the hanging ladder, they provide yellow captions so you know he's muttering, "The pain of Jesus." And then, a little more clearly, you hear him say, "The blood of Jesus." And while that's not my style of praying, particularly, I respect the fact that at least he's not doing it for anyone but himself, which is exactly why they have to caption it. I seem to recall hearing something about that at some point. "Take your time," Kim says, probably not realizing that slowing down is the very last thing he wants to do. It's not like his greatest wish is to extend the experience. (I once talked to a friend at a wedding reception just after he acted as one of the primary hoisters who lifted up another friend of ours on her chair during "Hava Nagila," and his sweaty, red-faced comment was, "Well, that was fun...I just wish it had been longer.")

Linda and Karen get to the marina, aware that they're last. Meanwhile, Brandon and Nicole are hopping in a cab to the airport, and Chip is nearing the top of the ladder. He gets up onto the girders, but finds the walk across rather challenging as well, so it calls for additional muttered, fairly desperate prayers. In addition to traditional prayer, Chip is also whispering to himself, "I can do it." It's like Billy Graham and Tony Robbins made an infomercial together. I'll tell you, Chip is not loving this task, but he is knocking himself on his ass to get it done. And that's all you can really expect. He gets across the first part of the girder.

Linda and Karen crank down their clue. Linda is shrieking at Karen to get the clue down. Sigh. They have another prickly little exchange about getting the clue envelope to rip, and then they consider the Roadblock. Karen's like, "Yeah, it's all you, sister. You climb, and I'll take over shrieking, so that way, all the bases will be covered."

Chip continues to make his way toward the clue. He calls this the hardest task of the race, and perhaps "all [his] life." He reaches the clue lady, takes his clue, and goes off the girder by falling backward. Fortunately, life is not entirely ironic in the non-ironic Alanis Morissette "bummer, dude" sense, so the rope does catch him. I've never seen a guy so very, very ready to have his feet on dry land, even if it's the dry land on the bottom of a boat. When he's on his feet, he and Kim read the clue about Manila. As they return to shore, they pass the moms, who are speeding toward the clue. Chip hypothesizes that the moms will never be able to do the task. In fact, he'll do more than hypothesize. "I guarantee you the moms ain't gonna be able to do it," he says. You know, I love Chip, but he's got to knock it off with that. That's not very gracious, that thing he's doing. They're entitled to better than that. They've earned better than that.

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