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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

Meanwhile, Brandon and Nicole admire the scenery along the drive, and Chip and Kim are happy to see water, indicating as it does that they're probably going the right direction.

Colin and Christie's boat pulls up under the ladder. Colin climbs on and starts up. "Just take your time, 'cause we're way ahead of everybody else," Christie says happily. "I know," Colin says. He climbs. "Cake," he mutters to himself as he gets to the top. He crosses the girder, and his boast-over says that he has no fear of heights, no fear of any physical challenge, blah dee blah. He has no fear of cosmic justice, either, as you can see. He fetches the clue, steps off the girder, and is dropped into the boat. And I will report that they do have a safety rope tied to him, which I guess was necessary for legal reasons. "All right, no problem," the newly returned Colin tells Christie. They open the clue he brought down with him, and it tells them to fly to Manila, in the Philippines. (One L, two Ps. And they say television isn't educational.) Phil explains that this is about a 5000-mile trek, after which they will have to find a place called Malaguena Motors, where they'll locate a clue. "We get the best flights, here, then we're good," Colin says. They get to shore and grab a cab to the airport. Well, they certainly seem happy. I can't imagine what could go wrong. Tee hee. Sorry.

Chicka-wocka drums bring Brandon and Nicole to the marina. Chicka-wocka chicka-wocka chicka-wocka! They crank down the clue, and Nicole gives an unsurprising, "Strong arms and strong legs? Is that you, or is that you?" You can almost hear his hair, which expresses his subconscious thoughts, muttering, "I somehow suspect that if it said the person should have long dark hair and be really skinny, you'd say the same thing, Nicole."

Chip and Kim arrive at the marina as well, and Chip notes that only two cars are there, so it looks like they've jumped a spot. Which is true. Because here are Linda and Karen, still getting directions, finally finding a guy at what looks like a bus shelter who offers them some assistance.

Colin and a grinning, smug Christie, in their cab, heading for the airport. When they get there, they head inside and learn that there's a flight leaving that will go to Manila via Singapore on Singapore Airlines. It will arrive in Manila tonight at 8:20, but it's bugging out of Auckland at 10:10, and it's already 9:45, so they'll need to haul ass, but they may be able to make it. "This would be so huge," Colin pants breathlessly as they walk to the office for tickets. "It's a 10:10 flight, it's in 25 minutes." "That could give us a huge lead on the other teams," Christie says happily. This is so great! They might be in the lead! They love being in the lead! They head for the Singapore Airlines office.

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