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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

In Colin and Christie's Cab of Melodrama, their driver tells them, "Over 100 is prohibited here -- so we have no choice but to break the law!" "Yeah!" Colin says. "Yes," Christie intones coldly. "Good," they say in unison. Creeeeeepy. Kim, on the other hand, is busy telling the driver about the extra money he'll get if they get there in a hurry.

Finally, Linda and a completely hoarse Karen catch a cab. "Karen, we're in last," Linda laments as they climb in. Their driver assures them that he knows the Coconut Palace. It's right by the new airport! Ha ha, just kidding.

Nicole asks Brandon, "Why are we always getting bad taxis?" He smiles indulgently at her. "We can't stress out," he says. And then we see that there is an ornament hanging from the rearview mirror. And what is it? Oh, it's Jesus. I half-expect Brandon to see it and be like, "Jesus? I love Jesus! Score!" Instead, he says, "It's in the Lord's hands, right?"

Kim voices over that she and Chip are just "hoping like heck" that they finish in third place. Colin, meanwhile, promises fifty bucks to his driver for a quick arrival at the Coconut Palace. And before you know it, someone is pulling into the entrance. Someone is pulling up in the driveway. Phil is on the mat, pointing all, "Hark!" at someone's approach. Mat! Pit stop sign! Who is it? Who is it? It's Colin and Christie, isn't it? ISN'T IT? It's Chip and Kim, actually. They land on the mat and are gobsmacked to learn that they're in first place. Big hug for Phil. Of course. Sigh. And they win a vacation to "beautiful Hawaii." As opposed to "exotic Hawaii." They do a little dance, and they share a little hug. Well, good for them. Chip goes to Phil for a little double-fist-knock action. Phil asks how it feels to be number one. "Like I always say, God takes care of his idiots, so I'm the first on the list." Coming from some people, that would bug, but Chip strikes me as a good guy. I think that's an okay comment.

Linda and Karen sadly note that failing to get a cab as quickly as Brandon and Nicole could "cost [them] the race." Everyone sits in traffic, including Colin and Christie. Aaaaand the next team to run up to Phil on the mat is...Linda and Karen! Huh. So apparently, Brandon and Nicole's cab was first, but not as good. They're team number two.

So now it's Colin and Christie, and Brandon and Nicole. Both in cabs. Both demanding to go fast. Both feeding their drivers money. Someone is in the driveway! Someone is approaching! Someone is on the mat! It's...Brandon and Nicole. They are team number three, they'll take that, and they hug.

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