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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

Chip and Kim find the giant duck. They hop out of the Jeepney.

Brandon and Nicole open their next clue, which tells them to get to the pit stop at the Coconut Palace. Phil explains that teams will have to travel 120 miles to Manila to get to the Palace, which Phil tells us is the next pit stop. For what it's worth, Phil doesn't say anything one way or the other about having to take a bus. Brandon and Nicole hoot and holler and leave, and as they go, they encounter an entering Chip and Kim. "Are Colin and Christie right behind you?" Nicole asks. "Uh, I don't know about that," Chip answers as he runs by. As Chip and Kim open the Detour clue, Linda and Karen find their clue in the mud and get ready to leave. But not before Linda manages to sit her ass down right in the mud. Now that's a little embarrassing. They bump into Chip and Kim while retrieving their shoes, and Chip and Kim see them go before also deciding to do the Plow. I think that from the timing, they know that it didn't take Brandon and Nicole or the Moms all that long, so it's a good bet to take a shot at it. As they get started, they set up so that Chip is leading the ox and Kim is behind the plow. It takes her a little time to get used to it, and she voices over that at times, he was going faster than she could keep up, but they get into a reasonable groove.

Meanwhile, in the Colin and Christie Jeepney of Yum, These Sour Grapes Make Great Whine, Colin is complaining about how Chip and Kim "backstabbed" them. By, you know, trying to win. Those bastards. Colin talks about how much he would love to pass Chip and Kim and see them eliminated. Wow, that Colin's friendship certainly is a sturdy thing.

Chip and Kim continue plowing.

Brandon and Nicole and the Moms are trying to get taxis to Manila, but they learn that there aren't any taxis available, so they'll have to get a bus to get out of town. Before long, a red and yellow bus comes along, and they hop on.

Colin and Christie spot the big duck. They hop out and run.

Chip and Kim's clue finally comes up. They grab it and leave for the pit stop. Out on the street, they're trying to catch the Manila bus also, but the first one they see isn't the right one.

Meanwhile, Colin lectures to Christie as they run to the Detour box, "Just keep a nice pace, 'cause this is our chance to catch up!" Chip, "meanwhile" (meaning that it's edited to be "meanwhile," but who knows?), is saying that they really need to get on a bus that does not include Colin and Christie. Speaking of whom, Colin and Christie read the Detour clue. "What do you think?" he asks her. "A thousand ducks?" "The plow," she says, which is awesome, considering that she doesn't intend to lift a finger to actually Plow herself.

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