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You gotta dance with the ox that brung ya

Colin and Christie are in their cab, but the thumping, ominous music is right on their tails. She asks the driver, I think, whether he thinks the other teams are in front of them or behind them. The driver thinks the other teams are behind them. Colin does not look like he's so sure.

Up at Malaguena Motors, the first three teams all rip their clues open. The clue tells them to choose a marked jeepney and decorate it by attaching a bunch of flaps and doodads to it, as (I think) marked on a diagram. Phil explains that jeepneys are the most common form of public transportation in the Philippines, and are left over from the American presence during World War II. Apparently, tricking out your jeepney is a big part of the culture, as was confirmed on the forums. Once you finish decorating, the driver will give you your clue. The three front-running teams get started on the task.

Aaand just arriving? Colin and Christie. They jump out of their cab and run toward the clue box. When they get there, they have to start with the Yield ritual, and when they get to the Yield sign, they see it. "Oh my God!" Colin yells. "They Yielded us, Colin," Christie says, as the camera takes in the formerly happy photographed faces of Colin and Christie and Chip and Kim. "Chip and Kim," Colin mutters. Colin puts his hands out in the gesture most often used by basketball players to signify, "What? A foul? On me? I have no idea what you're talking about! I barely touched that guy! His retina was already detached when I got there!" We see Chip and Kim glance over, and then Colin say, literally through gritted teeth, "Dammit." Hee hee. Gritted teeth are funny, as long as they're not yours.

Commercials. Protein makes you an insufferable, Cliff Clavin-esque know-it-all. Have a steak!

We return to the Yield sign, where Colin and Christie are serving out their sentence. (And the sentence is, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, but you won't be jumping anywhere for a while, so cool your fuckin' heels, there, Dr. Seethe and the Electric Mayhem.") Colin flips over the hourglass and begins to wait. He and Christie pace by the Yield sign, and he loudly says, "How 'bout that?", trying to rattle Chip and Kim. Colin explains what just happened in an unnecessary voice-over. As everyone else works on jeepney modifications, we hear a voice-over in which Chip points out that Colin was just standing at the Yield box, staring at him. Which he is. In fact, Colin is leaning his chest against the Yield sign with his crossed arms resting on top of the box. Yeah, you're terrifying me, ass. Christie points out that they should study what the other teams are doing, which struck me as total bullshit. I think the Yield penalty should not be served anywhere where you can watch what the other teams are doing, because that means you're not really as far back as you're meant to be. You get to capitalize on other teams' experiences, and that's not very Yieldy to me, if you're going to bother having the thing at all. Which, incidentally, you shouldn't.

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