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Back at the water puppet theater, the puppet dragons seem to be getting bored, because one of them holds still long enough for Canaan to grab the clue from its mouth. Maybe they were the only ones who correctly read the clue after all. They dash out just as Brian and Ericka are arriving. Brian seems to get his clue quickly, and they rush off to show it to their cab driver.

The Globetrotters get their last balloon, and realize they're already pretty much at the end of the course. They roll their ram up a ramp into a waiting stall, menaced by one of those loud dragon puppets that was making such a racket earlier while Phil was trying to describe the Detour. I'm not sure why they don't just have them put the concrete animals on the dragon.

Meghan and Cheyne, now in second place, are starting the same task, and going with the same kind of animal for the same reasons as the Globetrotters. As they're on their way from the first balloon station to the second, the Globetrotters finish the task and get their clue in first place. We get a good look at it, for all that helps us: "Make your way to Dien Co 08 at the intersection of Durong Vinh Vien and Durong Ly Thurong Kiet to find your next clue." Although again, it's the Vietnamese alphabet, with all the diacritical marks that entails. Over footage of this very busy intersection overhung with a tangle of power lines straight out of India, Phil tells us this is where they'll find their next clue. As the Globetrotters take off, a little girl is already climbing onto the back of the ram they just provided. Who says the Amazing Race doesn't make a difference in the world?

Lance and Keri arrive at the Post Office, where the clue box is, and rush... right past it, into the building, making them the first team to have done so. I guess we should thank them for giving us an interior view of the building that we otherwise wouldn't have had, because it's very nice inside. And I assume it's even nicer when Lance isn't in it. "There's gotta be a clue box!" Lance bellows, as right outside, Mika and Canaan rush up to it and open it up, with Brian and Ericka right on their heels. "The clue box is right here! Dammit, Keri!" Lance shrieks as they run back outside. All three teams decide on Child's Play, including Lance and Keri, who according to the subtitles are "Currently in last place." I pause for a moment on that image.

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