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Inside the theater, Mika is trying to dance a clue out of one of the dragons, and getting nothing for her trouble but squirted with water. Canaan takes a turn and does no better. I wonder how they'd react if they'd seen the other teams doing this task. "No fair, guys, you're supposed to charm it!"

Hey, remember Brian and Ericka? They're still en route, stuck in traffic. Brian thinks that's because it's rush hour, but although I've never been to this city, I suspect it has 24 rush hours.

The Globetrotters now have three balloons, and as they wheel their stone ram past a random local doing a dance on the sidewalk for some reason, Flight Time says, "Work it girl, work it." That's quite a lead they're building for themselves.

So let's check in with the second place team, Zev and Justin, who seem to have arrived at the Post Office just before Gary and Matt. Team Asperger's opts for Child's Play. "We don't know any Vietnamese," Zev points out, seemingly forgetting how well they did at the starting line despite not knowing any Japanese, either. Meanwhile, Meghan and Cheyne are telling their cabbie to wait right there, as Gary and Matt also choose Child's Play in third place, with Meghan and Cheyne making the same choice right behind them. Gary and Matt run back to the street, and nearly jump into Meghan and Cheyne's cab before the latter team arrives and chases them off. Gary doesn't acknowledge his faux pas other than by yelling "Taxi!" in Cheyne's ear. Zev and Justin are grabbing their cab as Marcy and Ron are arriving, and the latter team decides to do Word Play. They head off to the hotel in fifth place. Justin is trying to direct his cabbie, but when some local standing outside on the sidewalk says the driver doesn't know where the park is, Justin drafts him as a third passenger. Chun, meet Justin and Zev. And America.

The Globetrotters now have four balloons, and are on there way to the last one, a green one. Flight Time tells Big Easy to slow down before he makes him lose a balloon. "My bad, I got you, I got you." I don't know why the producers think that everything they say during a task has to be subtitled. I'm pretty white and I can understand them just fine.

Team Two Pair is proceeding to the Post Office, and Dan climbs half out the window of the moving cab to make sure everyone makes the correct turn. "You need to calm down," Sam tells him, before this turns into that one episode of Six Feet Under. They reach the clue box, and decide to do Child's Play together. Pretty much literally. "We'll help you carry, 'cause that's the faster one," Dan offers. Is it me, or are they overselling the fake alliance a bit too much?

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