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Word Play looks trickier, if less physically demanding. What that one requires is for the teams to climb to the rooftop observation deck of a local hotel with a commanding view of a huge roundabout intersection. Among the traffic circling that nightmare ("Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament!") are six mopeds, each with a different Vietnamese letter visible either on the cargo or the driver's hat. Once they've collected all six letters and confirm them with the security guard posted on the roof, they have to hit the streets and get some locals to help them unscramble them to spell DOCLAP, which would be the Vietnamese word for "independence" if I could figure out how to get the Vietnamese versions of those letters up online. The Globetrotters go for Child's Play. "Physically, we know we're strong," one of them says, leaving the other half of that equation unspoken and inspiring the Washington Generals to challenge the Harlem Globetrotters to an Asian-language spelling bee.

Gary and Matt seem to get back in the same cab they had earlier (it's hard to be sure, since there seems to be only one cab company in this town), and as they ride to the Main Post Office, Matt says that it turns out it's more than a kilometer after all. "I probably should listen to my dad a little but more." Gary doesn't exactly argue the point.

The Globetrotters arrive at the park and quickly find the right kiosk, which is surrounded by a veritable cement menagerie. Flight Time wisely suggests they pick one with a low center of gravity, and a moment later they're hefting a ram onto a cart. Flight Time wants them to be careful and take their time, which Big Easy isn't as patient with, until Flight Time reminds him that if they lose control and break it, they'll have to pick up all the pieces. Not that this will be relevant to another team later or anything. After they score a red balloon from a lady who's positioned to hand them out, they have their eyes on the blue one next, until they realize that they'll have to cross a busy roadway to get to that part of the park. What the hell kind of park is this? They make it across, Big Easy encouraging the more reticent Flight Time, and proceed to orange. For a minute there this was looking like a scene from Bowfinger.

Cheyne has a rather odd technique with the dragons when he and Meghan arrive at the theater. He crouches down low and duckwalks toward the edge of the pool, like if the dragons can't see him the puppeteers can't either (not that I've exactly figured out where the puppeteers actually are at this point on first viewing). But I can't argue with the results, because he scores one on his first snatch. I hate it when I can't make fun of something because it works.

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