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Zev and Justin stress out about the traffic they're stuck in, but Chun (remember him?) has already told the driver they're in a race and there's nothing more they can do. Lance and Keri are in a similar situation. "This could be the end of the line for us, but we'll see," Lance says with uncharacteristic modesty, not to mention realism. In the taxi he's sharing with Marcy, Ron remarks, "Comes down to a cab driver." Yes, blame the cabbie who's taking you to the Pit Stop. It's his fault you arrived at the Road Block in dead last. Justin reminds Zev that they'll have to run. "Oh, I'm running," Zev promises. It's looking like a three-way race for last, but the next team to pull up outside the front gates of Reunification Palace is... Lance and Keri. But have hope, it isn't not over for them yet! Zev and Justin have arrived on the other side of the courtyard, so the two teams are converging on the mat. Or one of them is, because once again, Lance and Keri don't know where they're going. And get this: Ron and Marcy show up. "Zev, I see it! Zev, dig, buddy!" Justin yells. And the stereotype of people with Asperger's syndrome being literal-minded is put to rest when Zev keeps running instead of looking around for a shovel. Lance is right behind Justin, bellowing incoherently as always. Ultimately, Justin hits the mat first, and as Zev joins him, he says, "I love you, kid!" Lance and Keri are on the mat by the time Phil tells Zev and Justin that they're team number eight, and Lance and Keri look relieved just to hear they're still in the race as team number nine. Phil looks less rather less relieved. "That was very close," he says, even as Lance's swagger grows back right before our eyes. "The lion is still alive, Lance," Phil remarks. Who knew Phil watched the interview footage? Clearly it's worth it, because he adds, "Right now, the zebras and the gazelles are beating you to the mat." He asks if Lance still thinks he's the most competitive person in the race, and Lance offers to wrestle Phil to the ground. Phil demurs, but Zev offers, "We'll take 'em on." My money's on Zev.

Marcy and Ron make it to the mat at last, and are Philiminated. Ron admits that he's "deeply disappointed," but Marcy is grateful for the opportunity to be here in Vietnam. She tells Phil about her dad who was shot down. "Through his tenacity and determination, he was rescued. I just get choked up." And that's what she's doing. And honestly, as much as they deserved to lose, it wasn't a lack of tenacity and determination that cost them this leg; just a lack of speediness. She solo-interviews, that you can't hit a home run unless you step up to the plate, "And I think going on the Amazing Race was stepping up to the plate." Fair enough. Next time bring a bat.

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