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Justin is taking this Road Block for Team Asperger's as they arrive in seventh place. Tiffany finishes up her VCR, and seems to have accumulated a cheering section that's pointing her to where the various pieces go. She gets started on her second one. I forgot how to do this now!" Well, at least now I've figured out why she's such a successful poker player; having no short-term memory, she's immune to gambler's fallacy. Justin, meanwhile, is taking his VCR apart as though he's going to have to rebuild it later, doing his best to keep all the parts intact and in good condition as he removes them. Mika and Canaan arrive, and Canaan gets to work.

Lance and Keri's cab drops them off at the Road Block, sort of, maybe, but they've either been delivered to the wrong intersection or they can't see where they're supposed to be, because they go wandering up the street, Lance yelling at Keri to ask for directions and Keri refusing because he's yelling at her. Eventually they're pointed back down the block in the right direction. Possibly.

Gary and Matt are team number three. Marcy and Ron are en route to the Road Block. And Keri tells Lance that she's done being yelled at, "So you gotta stop if you want a teammate." I don't know, that's a big if. They continue being lost, and when she tells him to ask for directions, he says, "I'm done with you." Yeah that was a big if.

After the ads, they find a cab and end up getting in it to ride (back?) to the Road Block. As they ride, she calls him on acting like she's supposed to know everything, and blaming her when she doesn't. "You know this is an extreme situation," he whines, but she says it isn't; it's just directions. Well, it's directions for a million dollars, so I have to award that point to Lance. Still, She's tired of him blaming her, and he claims that his frustration isn't with her, but "this whole frigging thing." She does not let him off the hook. "I'll take my apology now." she informs him. "All right, if that's the case, I'm sorry," Lance says. Awesome. Keri is my hero.

Brian and Ericka arrive at the mat in fourth place, and are obviously pretty thrilled to have come "dead last to fourth." If they advance that many places in the next leg, they'll come in negative-second!

Ron and Marcy are stuck in traffic, and Ron says, "If you don't have patience with traffic, you should not live in Ho Chi Minh City." "If you don't have patience with the opposite sex, you should not live on planet Earth," she responds, apropos of nothing.

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