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Meghan and Cheyne arrive next, and Meghan says, "I'm horrible at building." And at reading clues, clearly. So Cheyne's on it. Cheyne squats down on the sidewalk next to Flight Time, who looks to be just getting started. Gary and Matt arrive, and Matt's doing it. As with the duck herding, Matt has a surprising level of experience with this kind of thing. "I've taken apart VCRs before, just by... curiosity of what was inside of them." Something about the slightly sheepish way he relates this leads me to suspect that what was inside that particular VCR was his half-eaten tape of Bicurious Robot Alien Vyxsins 6. Either way, there doesn't seem to be much to do on the farm back in Montana. He seems to be moving pretty quickly, even holding the Road Block clue in his mouth.

Marcy and Ron decide to try seeing if their letters spell the well-known Vietnamese phrase "Old cap." That goes as well as you'd expect, except the second security guard, whose job it is to check their work, doesn't slap them.

Flight Time, Cheyne, and Matt seem to be finishing their first VCRs at about the same time.

Finally,. Marcy and Ron have broken down and asked a couple of locals for help. You know, like they were SUPPOSED TO. One of them quickly writes down DOCLAP for them, and after Ron confirms that everyone knows it (the dude nods and smiles patiently, like you would at an escaped head wound victim), they head back to have it checked.

Flight Time finishes his second VCR first, so now it's off to the Pit Stop, Reunification Palace. Phil tells us the place is "Famous for this pivotal moment in history when a North Vietnamese tank crashed through the palace gates and ended the Vietnam War." We even get to see archival footage of that pivotal moment. We never get to see archival film footage of historical shit that happened in ancient times, so this is kind of a nice bonus. And, of course, speaking of history, that's what the last team to check in may end up being.

The Globetrotters are having trouble finding someone who can point them in the right direction. Maybe if Flight Time took off his safety glasses. He looks like he's getting ready to dispose of a corpse.

Other teams are now arriving, and Brian and Sam are doing this for their respective teams. Dan frets advice at his brother, until Sam finally snaps, "Shut up, Dan!" as he sits down to work. The Globetrotters are still coming up empty in their search for a cab, and Gary tells Matt, "You're letting a surfer boy beat you!" A moment later, that's exactly what happens as Cheyne finishes, and he and Meghan are off to the Pit Stop in second. Gary and Matt are right behind them, so Matt at least narrowed their lead. Meanwhile, the Globetrotters have resorted to going into storefronts to ask where Reunification Palace is. "Huh?" says the helpful person behind the counter, complete with subtitles. Clearly that storekeeper would insist that she still lives in Saigon. Seeing Meghan and Cheyne run past outside, Big Easy yells at Flight Time that they need to go. "Let's follow them and beat them in a footrace!" Sounds like an iffy proposition, but they're kind of out of other options. They come out in time to see Meghan and Cheyne get into a cab, and they score one of their own, instructing the driver to follow that car. The driver obeys, even though (or perhaps because) Flight Time is still wearing his safety glasses. For Gary and Matt, it's a little less fraught. "I've got, like, seven cuts in my finger," Matt muses.

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