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Sent to Siberia

Team Family Law arrives at the U-Turn sign, and they feel bad about seeing another team's photo up there, but not too bad. "To be honest, Kris is so fast, we've all been viewing him as a threat." They're out of there in fourth place, thanking God it wasn't them and attributing the stability of their wall to "Asian engineering." Which, they are of Asian descent, and they're in Siberia, and they used a Siberian stacking technique, so either way that statement is technically correct.

Back at the bobsled course, Kisha is using a bit of trial and error and some basic knowledge of Russian names to try "Khochev" before coming up with the correct "Chekhov." "What the hell is it that Christie doesn't know?" Jodi wonders. I'm sure she didn't mean that Kisha shouldn't have known anything that Christie doesn't. Kisha and Jen get their clue, and they're headed to the Pit Stop. This week, their destination is "the theater of musical comedy," according to Phil. Or, according to the chyron, simply the "Krasnoyarsk Theater." Isn't Siberia supposed to be a vast wasteland of nothingness, as opposed to this culture-rich region with museums and amusement parks and theaters thick on the ground? I guess we're all learning something tonight. As Phil shares the stage with dancers whirling around him, he warns that the last team to check in may be eliminated. And it probably won't be Kisha and Jen, who are out of there in first place.

Finally Christie makes what appears to be a blind guess, and gets it right. The Flight Attendants are on their way to the Pit Stop. "Boys aren't even here yet," Jodi says. In the taxi, Christie laughs ruefully, "I wanted to look brilliant. And I didn't." No, but even shuffling the letters around would have made her look smarter than standing there helplessly.

Mark and Michael are wandering the town with their shutters when they encounter, much to their relief, Mel and Mike. So they decide to join up, offering to help them put their shutters together in exchange for help searching for the house where they're going to go. I would say that Mark and Michael aren't getting the best of this agreement, but their chances of finding the right house on their own aren't great.

Tammy and Victor approach the bobsled park at the same time as Margie and Luke, passing them in the cab on final approach. Victor and Luke are taking this, respectively. Apparently there are two courses, because they seem to be doing them at the same time -- Victor reminding himself, "Look for letters," while Luke does a happy little chair-dance on his bobsled cart.

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