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Down at the riverbank, Amanda is showing Kris a weak point in their stack by rocking it back and forth. That doesn't seem wise. Everyone else is doing their best, when disaster strikes: Mike touches his right support column, and the whole wall totters. Mel comes to help him hold it up, but the entire structure comes down domino-style, starting at the far end and not stopping until Mike is left holding up his lone support column. Meanwhile, the cheerleader who's not currently wearing a ponytail is trying to jam a loose log somewhere into the middle of the stack. "Cara, no!" Jaime yells, just as the force causes their left support column to come down, eating a relatively small chunk out of their wall. But the good news is that at least I know which of them is which until one of them changes her hair again. Kris and Amanda are almost completely done when their left support column topples away. When the commercial break comes, it's like a Jacobean tragedy in here all of a sudden; corpses scattered everywhere.

After a three-way replay of the triple collapse, the Whites decide to abandon this task while Amanda and Kris consider doing the same. But Team Go Team, having suffered relatively minimal damage, decides to stick it out. Also, they're completely intimidated by the thought of building and installing shutters. Hey, what happened to "Girls rule?"

Mark and Michael have decided to abandon the search for the house for now and return to the construction part, just to get their minds off it. Solid strategy, except that putting the pieces together looks to be a little tricky as well.

Kisha, on her second run, gets all seven letters, and now she's tied with Christie, in the sense that both of them are equally clueless. "I don't know nuttin' about no Russian," Kisha literally says. Trust me, I never would have made that joke on my own.

Margie and Luke are the next to finish their woodpile. Seeing this, Amanda and Kris decide to bail on this Detour. Tammy and Victor finish shortly thereafter, and as they head for the museum, he says, "Let's just pray we're not U-Turned." Because when he ends up on a time-wasting delay, he wants it to have been his idea.

Margie and Luke are discussing that very thing at the U-Turn box. And they decide to U-Turn Kris and Amanda. "Part of the game," Luke says as Margie peels the backing off Kris and Amanda's photo. "Kris and Amanda, we're sorry," she says. "We love you guys, but..." "They're strong," Luke finishes. Off they go to the bobsled, and they give a post-leg interview in which they say they wanted to give Jaime and Cara more time. "We didn't want them to be eliminated," Luke signs. Which strikes me as a bit self-serving. I mean, if the rules of the game allow you to screw someone and you do it, that's fine. Nobody's cheating here. But don't act like you're doing it for another team, because you know who's responsible for Jaime and Cara? That's right, Jaime and Cara.

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