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Sent to Siberia

Phil's back, but now he's here to tell us what's new about U-Turns this season. As a pair of Amazing Hands shuffles through the team photos in the U-Turn box, he explains that U-Turns show up at the end of a Detour, and allow one team to force another team behind them to go back and complete the other Detour option. But in a new twist, this is what's known as a Blind U-Turn. "Previously, when teams forced another team to U-Turn, they had to post their own picture and be known as the perpetrators. Now, they can remain anonymous." That's quite an evil smirk you're sporting there, Phil. Plus, how anonymous can you really be when there's a TV camera pointed at you?

As Jen and Kisha head to the clue box, a different local gets his flirt on with the Flight Attendants, who have also finished. "You...cute girl...the best," he says. He gets hugs from them, and reads their clue over their shoulders with his arms around them. Like he knows what U-Turn means.

Kisha and Jen opt not to U-Turn. As Jen says, there are five teams on a later flight, so they're not in any danger. They proceed to the next clue box, where a Route Info clue sends them to Bobrovy Log Park. This not an amusement park for logs, as one might expect in Siberia, but one for people. Kisha and Jen are in their cab a few minutes ahead of the Flight Attendants, who have also decided not to U-Turn anyone. "Sweet, bobsledding!" Christie says. I think we know who's doing this Road Block.

Amanda and Kris reach the Detour clue next, and opt for "Stack," as do Mel and Mike, Margie|Luke, and Tammy|Victor. Everyone else, in other words. Once they get down to the riverbank, they discover that party or no, this is not a task to be taken lightly. And in fact, the redheaded Siberian is nowhere in sight, so we can safely assume that she passed out and was carried off. "America...(heave), I love (heave) you!" she's currently telling a toilet. "This is a bitch," Mike says. "How are we going to blow past Mike and Mel?" ask the cheerleaders as they arrive last. Ladies, there are three other teams down there. Why assume the Whites will be the weak links?

Kisha and Jen arrive at the Road Block, which is a rail bobsledding course. But this isn't one of those simple "Racer vs. Physics" tasks; in addition to riding the three-mile course at up to 55-miles per hour, they have to do it in four minutes or less, plus they have to find seven letters (C, E, K, V, C, H, O) that are posted along the course. Then they'll have to unscramble the letters to reveal the name of a famous Russian playwright. So when you see those letters, you either know it's Chekhov or you don't, the Amazing Editors' blunder in showing two Cs instead of two Hs notwithstanding. And then they'll get their next clue.

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