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Sent to Siberia

Mel unscrambles his letters without too much trouble, so that's him and Mike out of there in sixth place. I would hope a writer would have been able to pull this off. "Is he still behind me? The little guy?" Mel asks as they run back to the cab. He is. "We're second to last," Mark interviews while waiting for Michael to finish his second run. And in the cab, Mike promos, "Just when you think you're out of this race, something happens and you're back in it." Which, somewhere behind them, is more or less what Kris and Amanda are telling each other.

On his second attempt, Michael shaves two seconds off his time, plus he has all seven letters. The unscrambling isn't much of challenge for him either. "It came to mind right away," he says, and they take off. "We're in seventh place right now, but it is Amazing Race and anything can happen," Mark says in the cab. I think he means they might pass someone, but a more likely interpretation is that there's still hope for Kris and Amanda.

Kris takes the "Who's ready to speed read?" clue.

Mel and Mike slump up on to the stage, in sixth place, totally exhausted.

Kris met the time requirement, and got all of his letters, so now it's a matter of unscrambling. It's coming on sunset on that hillside. "Think of how names are spelled here," Amanda encourages from below. "I have no idea how names are spelled here," he responds. They're not spelled Khechov, that's for sure. But he gets it on the second try, and off they go.

The Stuntmen are still in their taxi to the Pit Stop. When they arrive, the driver asks for his 8,000-ruble fare, but all they have is 5,000. Not sure how that happened, unless they either didn't exchange enough money or simply had him follow them around the Siberian village looking for the right house.

"Definitely don't want to go home now," Kris says in his cab with Amanda. The sky is getting dark out the windows, so the Amazing Editors have their work cutout for them making this a suspenseful finish. But the Stuntmen are doing their best to assist, considering giving the driver a watch rather than stiffing him entirely. By way of declining, the driver displays his own Rolex. According to current exchange rates, the difference between what they have and what they owe is about eighty bucks, so that's not insignificant. They offer him the winter jackets off their small backs, but the driver isn't interested. He'd have to cannibalize them to make one to fit himself. "Still racin'," Kris says, somewhere behind them. "We'll find out if we're eliminated now, huh?" Finally, Mark and Michael's driver accepts what they have -- not like he has a lot of other options -- and they gratefully and respectfully take their leave. Then it's a mad dash into the theater, where they join in the dancing for a bit on the mat before Phil tells them they're team number seven.

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