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Sent to Siberia

Tammy and Victor are team number three. That was quite a recovery.

On the bobsled, Jaime repeats the letters to herself using the military alphabet: "Charlie, Kilo, Victor, Oscar, Echo, Charlie..." That was so unexpected that for a second I forgot that she's not a Flight Attendant. Between that and the fingerspelling, maybe she's some kind of alphabet savant. We've seen stranger things. According to the clock in the corner of the screen counting down her final seconds, she comes in just in time. But once she has her letters, she's stressing out about how she doesn't know any Russian playwrights. Cara's like, don't sweat it, and in fact Jaime gets it on the very first try. She's so shocked and happy she literally falls down. Off they go in fifth, very happy indeed.

The Whites and the Stuntmen arrive at the bobsled course at nearly the same time. Michael's taking it. Margie and Luke jump onto the mat at the theater, and are happy to hear that they' re team number four.

Michael finishes the bobsled course in only 3:38, but he only got six of the seven letters, so he has to go around again. In the long run, he didn't save any time at all. Maybe a little more fear this time. Meanwhile, Mel gets started down the course. Presumably the ride isn't too groin-intensive. I can't believe I just said that.

Jaime and Cara are totally stoked to learn that they're team number five. That won't be such good news in a few weeks, girls.

Kris and Amanda finish reconstructing their woodpile, and the guide demands a kiss from Amanda before handing over their clue. Dude, Siberians are leches. Now, as the party on the riverbank finally breaks up, they head back to the museum to get their next clue, and get back in their taxi, officially in last place. As they ride to the next task, Kris narrates, "It's a blind U-Turn, but we have a pretty good feeling that it was Jen and Kisha. They were the ones on the first flight, so it only makes sense that it was them." Which is odd, because that was the same reason Jen and Kisha have for not U-Turning anyone. "Or the blondes," Amanda points out, who are "not trustworthy, either." I'm not clear on why that is, aside from the obvious fact that you should never trust people who bring rolling suitcases on The Amazing Race. Kris is sure that Mel and Mike felt bad, and Amanda is sure that Margie and Luke did as well. Ironic evil-B&W shot of Margie and Luke, looking... not eliminated, unlike some teams.

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