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Sent to Siberia

Mel and Mike finish assembling their shutters, unlike Amanda and Kris, who decide to take their half-finished shutters outside with them in pieces to join in on the search.

And Luke continues to be frustrated with the letter unscrambling. "Who's a Russian author?" he wonders. Well, I think we can eliminate Dostoevsky.

Mark and Michael have hit on the idea of using their ladder to carry their shutters between them, which is the one smart thing they've done this whole leg. Mark tells the Whites where they've already searched in vain, and Mel tells them all they can do is search the street again. "And this time...peel those eyeballs!" This last in such an unintelligible falsetto that it calls for subtitles. That must have been a "splash of Judy Garland" moment.

Jaime and Cara are down to five logs to stack, and Luke is just discovering that there is no Russian playwright named Hockevh. Yeah, Hockevh was a Ukrainian playwright. Totally different dude. "He's done it three times and gotten it wrong all three," Margie says. Really? Even the second time? "English is a second language for him," she explains. "English literature was difficult enough. I don't think he knows what they're asking, to tell you the truth." Oh, I think he gets it; he just doesn't know what the answer is, and it's frustrating the hell out of him.

The cheerleaders finish up their wall, "With no help from boys!" one of them crows. Well, one boy did say he was helping you. You just don't know it yet.

The three teams doing "Construct" are still wandering the one street. "It was like a caravan of idiots, holding their ladders with all their stuff in it," Mike says.

Luke continues to get frustrated, letting out a mighty, "Daaaah!" Or else he's using The Secret to try and conjure an affirmative answer in Russian. A fourth attempt gets him nowhere, and he wears the expression of someone who has been gutshot.

After the ads, Margie tells him to keep trying. She's starting to get nervous that another team will show up. She couldn't help him even if she wanted to; she has to wait at the bottom of the hill and the tower and the letters are facing away from her, so she can't see them. Plus someone on production might get suspicious if they saw her fingerspelling at him.

Jaime and Cara are "Currently in 5th place" as they read their clue, get in their cab, and thank whoever U-Turned Amanda and Kris. Not that the U-Turn has come into play yet. As Team Go Team rides out of town, they spot a few cabs still waiting, which they take as a good sign. For them.

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