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Sent to Siberia

Amanda and Kris arrive at the work shed to join the shutter workforce, which will eventually become a search party.

Kisha and Jen spot the theater through the windshield of their cab and recall that the clue instructs them to enter through the main entrance. "I don't know, homey," Kisha says as they go in through an entrance that doesn't look very main at all. Jodi's reading the same clue, and as they get out of their taxi, Kisha|Jen are figuring out that they entered through the stage door. The theater appears to be part of some larger complex, and while the sisters are still bumbling around, the Flight Attendants get a receptionist to direct them to the main entrance. That leads them into the auditorium and down the center aisle to the stage, which they mount to jump on to the mat. Every performer onstage welcomes them in unison and in Russian (I assume). Phil enjoys telling them, "You are team!" They scream and Christie says, "No way!" "Yes way," Phil assures them dorkily. Their prize? A pair of 650 motorcycles, which they're thrilled about. Christie interviews that they're trying not to get too overconfident, since they've been in the lead before. "But we feel pretty good about being in first!" Might as well enjoy it.

They're still on the mat when Kisha and Jen come scampering up, and they don't seem too annoyed at having snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. That's got to hurt, though, being in the lead for most of the leg until you lose as a result of taking the wrong door.

Victor finishes his course on time and with a complete set of letters. "Once I saw the letters n the ground, Chekhov instantly came out, because, you know, who doesn't know who Chekhov is?" There's a way to say that without sounding like a tool, and I think Victor... missed it. I mean, I know who Chekhov is -- one of my first dates with Trash was the first act of The Three Sisters -- but I'd be more likely to say something like, "I was glad it was Chekhov, because he's the only Russian playwright I know." Which would also be true. While he's doing that, Tammy and Margie enjoy watching Luke roll down the course, vocalizing the whole way. Victor and Tammy wish Margie good luck as they take off in third place.

Luke finishes the course with two seconds to spare. "Yes! Yes!" Margie shrieks. Then he hands over his white board, with all seven letters correct. "Yes! YES!" Margie shrieks again. Don't take this the wrong way, but was Luke always deaf? I'm just asking. He runs up the hill to where the letters are waiting for him in a stack, and he interviews while Margie translates, "I had never had any Russian... literature classes. I don't know who he was. I didn't have any idea." On the hill, he asks, "Why couldn't it be in English?" Well, it kind of is, Luke. Be glad you don't have Cyrillic letters staring up at you. He commences what will be a long process of trial and error, his first guess being "Coehkvh." Nyet, of course. Margie is more worried about Luke getting frustrated with himself than anything else. He needs to relax. There are only, like, 480 possible combinations, after all.

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