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Tango and Cash

Phil explains that the ten teams are all now on their way to Buenos Aires. Or, as Mirna would say, "Goodo Airo." Oh, sorry -- "Airos." He says that when they get there, they'll have to find a cemetery called Recoleta, where they'll look for the grave of Eva Peron. Donny asks a guy on the boat where to find the grave, and the guy confirms that he'll find it at Recoleta. The woman that Colin is asking, however, sends him to the Chacarita cemetery. Ooh, fateful! He has her write it down, just to be sure. Well, that's lucky. You wouldn't want to start the chase without a really good diagram with a big arrow pointing to the wild goose.

The boat docks, and the teams run off in a pack. They all scatter and grab taxis outside. Mirna, unsurprisingly, tells her driver to get ahead of the other teams by saying, "In front of these, front-o!" She even rolls the "r": "Frrrrront-o!" If I close my eyes, she could totally be a native speaker. Elsewhere, Jim and Marsha are exchanging their money, which Jim interviews that they did because Linda and Karen told them on the boat that nobody would take American dollars and they'd need to exchange their money. Now, see, if that's me, then I tell Linda and Karen I'll meet them getting off the boat to change the money together, and if they aren't there to change their money also, I conclude they're full of it. And in fact, we cut directly to Brandon and Nicole confirming with their driver that he does, in fact, take American money. Oops. Interestingly, Brandon and Nicole try to tell their driver to take them to Chacarita, but their driver saves their asses by telling them no, Eva Peron is in Recoleta. Colin, however, just asks for Chacarita cemetery. It's always a good idea to share with your taxi driver, I think. Bob and Joyce also ask for Chacarita. Chip and Kim, too. Wow, I wonder whether all of these teams were misled by Colin's single piece of bad information from that one lady spreading through the ranks. That would make her kind of the Typhoid Mary of getting lost. Kami/Karli have the same good karma as Brandon and Nicole, and their driver keeps them from screwing up and going to the wrong place. Karli explains in an interview that the confusion arose because Eva Peron is in one cemetery, but her husband is in another. And apparently, with that one lady, when Colin said, "Eva Peron," thought he meant, "Eva Peron's husband." The other thing that's completely awesome is that I'm almost positive they dug up that psycho Music of Screwing Up that they used back when everybody put unleaded in their diesel cars, and they play it every time anybody says "Chacarita." It's like the Love Theme from Fucking Up.

Jim and Marsha continue to fall behind as they exchange their money. Sigh. Jim hypothesizes to her as they get to the front of the line that Linda and Karen screwed them with bad information, and Marsha absorbs this for a minute. Jim interviews that when nobody else was exchanging money, they started to think they'd "been had." There is a cut directly from this to Karen yelling, "Yaaaaay!" in her cab, which I'm sure is quite unfair, as I doubt she was actually at that moment cheering for herself for having successfully misled Jim and Marsha. I mean, I love the big drama, but I am not that much of a sucker.

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