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Tango and Cash

At the port, Kami/Karli arrive, then Bob and Joyce, then Jim and Marsha, then Chip and Kim.

Meanwhile, Charla and Mirna note that they are still "going in circle after circle after circle."

At 4:18, the ferry starts to board. The rest of the teams take note of the fact that not everybody has made it. The tension builds as Charla and Mirna get directions in a little store, and Charla yells for Mirna to get moving, in response to which Mirna tells Charla not to yell. "There's only so much I can give," Charla snots in frustration. Wow, she certainly is very impressed with herself, I'll say that for her. ["I thought she was joking. Even if she wasn't, I yell that at my car all the time, so: hee." -- Sars] At 4:27, the rest of the teams are already on board as the walkway to the ferry is pulled up. Charla and Mirna are just getting there outside and walking toward the ferry. Of course, Mirna is bugging Charla to go faster. Mirna talks to the ferry guy, who tells them that they've already missed the first ferry. The guy tells them that they'll have to go later, and Mirna says that she doesn't want to go later, she wants to go now. And then, Mirna uncorks my favorite Mirna-ism of the episode: "Posibla boat stopay?" He doesn't seem sure he understands her, which is probably because she didn't say "boato." She turns to Charla. "I don't understand if the boat is here or not." Hard to believe that exchange ended in confusion, isn't it? She was being bilingual and everything. In fact, Mirna has the rare ability to speak two languages in a single word, so it's not like she isn't bending over backwards to be accommodating.

Commercials. I'm sorry, but I don't believe robots are coming to get me. Even if Will Smith says they are.

We are back to Berlitz Mirna and her Multilingual Follies. "Necesita emergencia," Mirna tells the ferry guy. So...she's telling him that she needs an emergency, to provide a charitable interpretation. Maybe he can arrange one. I can think of a few, and most of them involve her winding up tied to a tree. On the boat, the other teams are hoping somebody misses it. But outside, a nice lady comes up and tells Mirna and Charla that they're holding the boat. Wow, considering that they clearly lost time both between the pit stop and the disco and then between the disco and the ferry, they've run a completely incompetent leg so far, and are as lucky as all hell not to be out of the running right at this point. In Charla's pre-game interview, we get to hear her say again that her size will be an advantage, because "most people think [she] can't do anything." I'm not sure that was relevant in this situation, but in any event, they did just get bailed out by the ferry staff, and they board the boat to the disheartened looks of the other teams. "Everybody's upset that we're equal with them," Mirna says, which is only true in the sense that everyone would always like to see somebody fall behind. I don't think it's that the other teams resent their equality so much as it is that the other teams would always like to see somebody else -- anybody else -- wind up as roadkill at an early stage in the leg. I think Mirna needs to get on the down elevator very quickly and find an exit from the Persecution Complex.

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