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Tango and Cash

Back at the club, Chip and Kim pop their clue, as Kim takes my advice and gives a guy a shove, loudly saying, "No, I can't have that." When they get outside, Kim says that they were also trying to kiss her during the clue-popping. She calls it "disgusting." Apparently, manners at the Shake Mega Disco leave something to be desired if you want to decide how much of your own Mega you care to have Shaken. Inside, Jim and Marsha get their clue as well. Finally, Charla and Mirna arrive, too. The foam that is designed to be about knee-high on the revelers has Charla in much deeper, so she is hard to see as she searches for the globes. Finally, they find a clue and boogie their way out of the club. In their car, Mirna laments the fact that Jim and Marsha started out in last place, and they managed to get ahead. In his car, meanwhile, Jim is saying with some disbelief, "I've never, ever heard of a foooam cluuub before. You gots [sic] to go to Uruguay to go to a foooam cluuub." I don't know if you gots to go to Uruguay, but you gots to get out of the military, I think it's safe to say.

At 3:50 AM, Colin and Christie, the Bowling Moms, Brandon and Nicole, and Marshall and Lance are all converging on the port. Colin asks about the 4:30 ferry, in surprisingly passable Spanish that actually sounds like he didn't learn it from Univision three hours ago during a dubbed episode of El Scarecrow y Senora King. Colin says that he hopes not all the teams will get there soon enough to make the first ferry.

Speaking of which, Charla and Mirna are lost again between the disco and the port. "Donde es puerto Colonia del Sacramento?" The guy keeps saying, "Monumento," and Mirna keeps saying, "No, puerto." Charla steps in, saying, "Let me try." She steps over to him. "Amigo," she says, as if she's now going to straighten things right out with no problem. "We want to go on a feeerrrrry," she continues, speaking in a Spanish accent that's sure to make her English much easier for him to handle. And then she makes a swimming motion with her arms. Because apparently, they're looking for the kind of ferry where the passengers drag it on giant ropes while dog-paddling. "Yo te entiendo," he says impatiently. For those of you keeping score a casa, that means "Yeah, I'm tracking, there, Marcel Marceau, and I'm trying to tell you, but I can't unless you shut your bloody yap and pay attention." He gives Charla directions, and when he's done, Mirna says, "I didn't get any of that." Charla clutches her head. Yeah, me too.

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