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Tango and Cash

At the club, Nicole has a globe and is trying to break it against her body unsuccessfully. People are reaching and pushing against the ball to try and, uh, "help" her. "Brandon, Brandon," she says, as she grows uncomfortable. One particular guy decides to try to crush the globe between his body and hers, and smushes against her accordingly. In my favorite development, by the way, they show a guy's hand come in and sort of swipe at her neckline, and one of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters pointed out that you can see the red and yellow Amazing Purse in the corner of the screen -- in other words, that it's Brandon's hand at that particular moment, despite the fact that they would like you to think that some rude individual pawed at her shirt. And indeed, the one random guy really does sort of feel all over her shoulders and back in a pretty gross way as she voices over that this "idiot" was groping her on the dance floor. "It was just awful," she says. What baffles me is why all she seemed to say while it was happening was "Brandon, Brandon," instead of saying something like, I don't know, "No." Or even better, just shoved the guy, which she didn't.

In the Alison and Donny car, they're arguing, surprisingly enough. Her agenda at the moment is her firm conviction that a compass will not be enough to get them out of Uruguay. "You're so stupid," he says. Gosh, I agree with both of them. I sense the universe collapsing.

Brandon and Nicole read their clue, followed by Kami/Karli and Bob and Joyce, then Colin and Christie, so it's time for mass flight from the disco.

Charla and Mirna are still driving. "There's a girl with a disco outfit on!" Mirna notes as they pass a woman leaning on the inside of what appears to be a bus shelter. "Excuzee senorita," Mirna calls out. "Tu se disco, Shake Mega Disco?" One or the other of the girls speculates that their target is a prostitute. "A prostitute would know where the disco is, wouldn't she, [Phyllis]?" Mirna wonders aloud. "Donde es discoteque?" Charla asks the putative hooker. "No cono?" You know, if it wouldn't require me to type a lot of extraneous HTML tags, I would definitely call these girls Team [Sic]. Mirna now drags Charla away, arguing that the hooker is annoyed because they're bothering her and "she has business to do." Never anger the vengeful tart, I always say. Actually, that's a rule on the forums.

Donny and Alison arrive at the ferry port. "I'm somewhat of a genius," Donny observes. Apparently, he has not met his own taste in women. It is 3:30 AM as they get out of their car and go inside, "Currently In 1st Place." They are told that the first ferry out will depart at 4:30.

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