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Commercials. Halle Berry and Sharon Stone is a whole lotta crazy lady in one movie.

When another taxi arrives, Chip gets out and takes it, allowing the girls to leave with a slight lead. "Beat that car, beat that car," they say to their driver as they pull out. "It just felt like it turned really ugly just now," Kami says, because she didn't get her way. And not getting your way is always ugly. Maybe she should have flirted more. Alison and Donny are speeding toward the Roadblock in their cab as well.

Linda and Karen arrive at the pit stop in fourth place. They are shocked to have done that well, all things considered. Marshall and Lance read the Roadblock, and Lance takes it, saying that he "disagree[s] with the whole 'running' thing," which seemed stupid when he said it, but if he means you shouldn't run after the cows, he might be right. He grabs a bandanna. "What up?" he says, for no apparent reason.

"Beat that car, beat that car," Chip is still chanting as he and Kim pursue Kami/Karli toward the Roadblock. "Pass, Eduardo! Pass, Eduardo!" he urges. Eduardo passes Kami/Karli. "Eduardo! We just passed 'em! Eduardo! Eduardo!" Chip cheers. Hee. I like people who cheer for their cab drivers. Karli interviews that they were "pissed" because "Chip turned into a completely different person." Yeah, one that was beating your ass and didn't give in when you expected him to. What a horrible person that Chip must be. ["…Raaaace!" -- Sars] "I did not like Chip," she snots. I'm sure he's heartbroken. The two teams arrive at the Roadblock together.

Elsewhere, Bob and Joyce land on the mat. Welcome, Bob and Joyce, you are team number five. They're so happy that Bob throws his hat in the air. Aw, it's like he graduated from sucking.

Chip and Kami take the Roadblock. Colin and Christie land on the mat. He's not happy about being sixth, because he's intense. Intense! Very intense! Maybe the most intense person ever! Chip and Kami continue to chase the cows. Kami winds up chasing one particular cow, but she gets the wrong angle on it, and after it's already passed her, Chip dives at it and grabs its bandanna. Kami continues the chase.

Here come Alison and Donny to the Roadblock. As Chip and Kim leave, Kami finally gets the cow. Welcome, Marshall and Lance, you are team number seven. Donny gets his cow. As Chip and Kim and Kami/Karli take their carriages toward the pit stop, they both make clear that they think they're battling for last place. So I guess that may mean that Alison and Donny saw them, but they didn't see Alison and Donny. Everyone jumps out and runs. First to the mat are Chip and Kim. When Phil says they're team number eight, Chip's jaw drops, and he turns slowly, realizing that there's a straggler he wasn't accounting for. "Phil, you give good news a lot, man!" And he hugs Phil, too. Everybody really needs to stop violating Phil's personal space. And now Kami/Karli run up to the mat. They've taken off their shirts, for whatever reason, and are wearing their sports bras for their elimination, I guess. "Just tell us," Kami says. "Kami and Karli," Phil says darkly, and then he pauses. And waits. "You're team number nine." They are very happy, I suppose, although they appear almost incapable of expressing emotion, so they just look a little stunned. Phil tries to get a reaction by telling them they're still in the race, and they're like, "Yeah, thanks." "And you know what?" Kami says to Karli. "And we played fair." Oh, great. I love it when we start dourly giving ourselves honor points. Chip played fair, too, Princess. You're just mad because you blew it yourself by not running all the way to the taxi, and you're taking it out on somebody else. Kami lectures some more in an interview about how "fear can bring the worst out in people," and I hate her some more, because if you want everyone to be nice, you should play Go Fish with a bunch of nuns. Fortunately, Chip interviews that his "conscience is clean." As it should be. That whole thing is a lot of smoke and absolutely no fire, and those girls need to shut the hell up.

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