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Jim and Marsha are at the Roadblock. Zoiks. You know, with all the teams that took the bus and all the teams that went to the wrong cemetery, they've worked they're way up to third, which is pretty impressive. Marsha takes the Roadblock, which I'm sure her father's knee appreciates. Marsha grabs herself a bandanna as her father interviews that she's "the leader of the team." Aw. Karen grabs a bandanna next, and as she runs out of the corral, Linda yells, "You outsmarted a cooow!"

And then Jim and Marsha are at the mat. They're in third. Yay! Bob grabs a bandanna also, and he and Joyce get a carriage. Colin beats a cow. Hmph. That cow wasn't very intense.

Kami/Karli and Chip and Kim are on the bus. Chip explains that they're going to have to get off the bus and run for it, and that he wants to be aggressive, but he's not loving the idea of running off the bus and knocking anyone over or anything like that. Oh, and finally, Marshall and Lance's taxi has gas and is leaving the station. Lance bitches that they lost all the time they thought they'd gained. I feel so bad for them that I can barely laugh. At the bus station, Kami/Karli and Chip and Kim head inside to call taxis. Just then, one pulls up. Kami runs for the taxi, and seeing her go, Chip runs for it, too. They arrive at the taxi at basically the same moment, but she goes back and opens the door, while he stops and talks to the driver. Basically, they have equal claim to the taxi to my eye, because they got there at the same instant and just did different things first. It certainly appears that the only reason she beat him into the back seat is that he stopped and talked to the driver through the window, because she didn't beat him to the car at all. If anything, he had a slight lead as they reached the front of the cab. She starts going, "I'm in, I'm in," as soon as she gets in the cab, but the goofy thing about that is that nobody except for her ever said that putting your butt in the seat was the official way of claiming a taxi. She appears to be the person who made up that rule, so she's really got nothing to complain about at all when other people don't abide by it. Chip is well and easily within his rights. From inside the cab, sitting next to Kami, Chip says to the camera that they arrived at the cab at the same time, both teams know how important it is, and he's not getting out, and she's not getting out. It's a tie, and he's totally right. They tied arriving at the bus station, they tied getting to the cab, and it's perfectly fair they should leave at the same time, which is exactly what's going to happen if they both wait for another taxi. Kami has no argument. And weirdly, it doesn't look like either of them tries to negotiate with the driver to agree to take their party and kick the other people out. Because I think the only time you have to get out of a cab is when the driver says you do.

Alison and Donny get off their bus as well, while the Chip/Kami standoff continues.

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