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Tango and Cash

Elsewhere, Marshall and Lance are being delayed while their taxi fills up with natural gas. Jim and Marsha are enjoying being, in his words, the "comeback kids." Jim says that he's quite sure that what Linda and Karen told them was not a mistake, but a "bloody lie." Eh. I don't know. Maybe. In their cab, Karen says that it's been "a heck of a day," though not necessarily a good day for them.

Mirna and Brandon are both still struggling with the calves. "Get 'em in the corner!" Charla coaches some more. If Charla consistently spends as much time ordering Mirna around as she has during this episode, that's going to seriously bug. Brandon is first to grab a bandanna. Mirna finally manages to get a bunch of calves in a huddle, and she gets herself into the middle of the huddle and grabs the bandanna as well. The two lead teams read their clues. Phil explains that now, the teams will have to take horse-drawn carriages two miles to La Portena, which is an old estate serving as the second pit stop. "The last team to check in here," he says, "will be eliminated." Brandon and Nicole, followed by Charla and Mirna, climb up into their carriages and take off. Mirna can't shut up with the "rapido, rapido" to the driver, and feels compelled to make kissing noises to the horses. And yes, my sense is that she's making the kissing noises in improvised Spanish, though I'd have trouble proving it.

Alison and Donny's bus is stopped. They point out that not only did they get on a bus, but it was a bus that made stops. Alison snots to him that they do indeed have enough money for a cab, and he snots back that he doesn't care how much she tries to pin the whole thing on him. She insists that's not what she's doing, even though it is. She then goes on to say that she wanted to do the Tango, but she let him do the dogs, and then she let him take the bus, and now they're going to lose. Not that she's putting it all on him or anything. "I was wrong because I didn't control you more," she says wearily. "You're a psycho," he says. Awww. They are adorable.

The carriages approach the pit stop. Nicole notes that Mirna and Charla are just behind them, and they're hoping that they're in first place. Mirna, meanwhile, says that she and Charla will be "run[ning] their hearts out" in the hopes that "maybe something good will happen." When the carriages stop, it's basically a footrace to the mat, and...I mean, Charla herself would tell you she doesn't run fast, so it's not a very close footrace. Brandon and Nicole land on the mat, and learn that they are team number one. No vacation, though. Pfft. Charla and Mirna pull up to the mat and learn that they're team number two. It's interesting -- they managed to do that by making their mistakes early in the leg rather than late, because they really did run a poor leg up to the ferry. They got very, very lucky. Mirna once again feels the need to hug Phil, promising that she smells much better than she did when she and her beef shirt hugged him last week.

Nicole interviews that Mirna and Charla are a tough team. And Charla, again, in her post-leg interview, says that she wants to "show the world what [she's] capable of." And if that's true, I really, really, really wish she would ask Mirna to cram it with the "small lady, not possible" BS.

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