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Tango and Cash

We zoom around the cemetery and settle on Jim and Marsha, who are just leaving in a taxi for the Tango. Colin and Christie are settling on Tango also, but Bob and Joyce have chosen to walk the dogs. Chip and Kim, in last place, are taking the Tango. Marsha marvels in the cab that they waited in line and changed money, and still have emerged ahead of some people -- namely, people who went to the wrong cemetery.

As Bob and Joyce walk the dogs, she interviews that they both love dogs, and they felt confident. There is an intentionally ironic cut to Kami and Karli, who are not feeling confident and do not love dogs. Karli, in fact, is sort of screaming at the dogs, which doesn't seem to be helping. Walking toward the camera, Kami looks up and snots, "She wanted to do this." Mmm, there's that whiff of delicious, delicious blame. Smells like donuts.

As Jim and Marsha pull up to the Tango theater, they realize that they're looking at Linda and Karen and Alison and Donny trying to cross the street, so that's a nice bit of karma biting people in the ass, if you suspect Linda and Karen actually misled them on purpose. These three teams all arrive at the theater at roughly the same time. Alison and Donny get it on their first try, while Linda and Karen get it wrong.

Kami/Karli are still dog-walking with their trusted companion. They reach the second checkpoint as Kami explains that they are loving their personal Fern. Or, I suppose, they're pretending to. They find the third checkpoint.

At Tango, Jim and Marsha get their picture accepted and leave. "Yeeeeees!" Marsha hollers. Linda and Karen, on the other hand, blow it again. Outside, Jim and Marsha pile into a taxi, as Jim says there's no way he's taking a bus. You gots to go to Uruguay to refuse to take a bus.

Donny, on the other hand, says that he wants to take the bus, because he only has a twenty on him at this point, which doesn't make a lot of sense if they started the leg with $136, but...whatever. It wouldn't be the first time I couldn't follow Donny's line of reasoning. Alison doesn't want to talk about it. Donny just tells their driver to take them to the bus station. Back at Tango, Colin and Christie snag their clue. And so, at long last, do Linda and Karen, who have now dropped a couple of spots, just since they arrived at the Tango place. The Bowling Moms are about to become the Squealing Moms, and that's really not a good thing. Outside, Christie pushes for a cab, and Linda and Karen jump into one also. "Muy rapido," Linda urges.

Charla and Mirna -- remember them? still annoying -- are on their way to the ranch in their taxi. Charla says they feel great about where they are, and Mirna says -- right there in the cab -- "We're here to prove to the world that people follow us." Yeah, I've had about all the "prove to the world" from these two that I care for at this point. Whatever you may be trying to prove, shut up about it already. "Show, don't tell" is not only for college fiction workshops. Brandon and Nicole, hot on their heels, comment on how "fast" Charla and Mirna are. Eh. Between the ferry and now, yes, but that's about it, so far. Both teams hop out and run to the big flag located next to a large corral of cows. The Roadblock clue says that whoever performs the task should have "quick hands and quick feet." Phil provokes the crowd by wearing strangely fitting jeans as he strolls toward the camera, explaining about how a Roadblock is a task that only one person does. In this one, the person will have to enter the corral and pull a red bandanna off of one of the many calves that are roaming around inside. The cows will not necessarily stand still for this, of course, and the teams are not allowed to tackle or pull the calves at all, making the task "difficult and frustrating." Once you get your bandanna, someone will give you your clue. (But it won't be the cow. The cow will probably still be mad.)

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