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Tango and Cash

Kami and Karli get the detour clue. They quickly conclude that walking the dogs will be easier. Don't tell that to Donny and Alison and Karen and Linda, all of whom are wandering all over, trying to find their way to where they're supposed to be. "I hate you," Alison spits at her "boyfriend." Donny interviews that he was "so mad" at Alison, who kept yelling at him constantly while he was trying to read the map. He points out that what she was doing was not going to help them get out of the mess they were in. I'm not sure why he assumes that she would stipulate to the legitimacy of any objective other than haranguing, which I really believe Alison considers to be its own reward.

Charla and Mirna think they've located the guy who's featured in their second clue. They approach him, and he takes the clue from them, so they can leave. Mirna takes a moment to tango with the guy first, because that's just the kind of fun, wacky girl she is. In an interview, they talk about how they do things to entertain themselves just so that they don't break down from the stress. I don't know. There's something about the way they do all these "fun-loving" things that doesn't come off to me as natural, but seems more like unrelenting mugging. I didn't get the sense that Mirna was swept up in the spirit of the tango as much as she was swept up in how adorable she thought it would be if she did it. They just don't give me a genuinely whimsical vibe; it all seems labored. ["I would agree with you, but I don't think Mirna can think ahead far enough ahead to be that calculating. I mean…'frrrrront-o'?" -- Sars] As Brandon and Nicole exit, Charla and Mirna get their next clue and head out of the theater. Phil explains that the clue now requires them to go by bus or taxi 70 miles to a ranch called La Invernada. It's a "traditional Argentinian ranch." (And as you know if you have a working knowledge of chick movies, "Argentina has great beef. Beef and Nazis.") Charla and Mirna choose the cab.

In the Tango, Brandon and Nicole get it right on their first shot with the picture, so they leave in second place. Charla and Mirna discuss the fare with their driver, who tells them that it will be fifty dollars for the trip. "There is no doubt in my mind that if we take a bus to this place," Mirna says solemnly, "we will be eliminated today." If that's true, she's just not very bright, because when there are two options, you taking the slower one when you're in first place doesn't mean you'll be eliminated. In fact, when you're in first place, that's the time to consider the cheap option and save your money, because you probably won't drop to last. Not that I want to wear myself out pointing out that Mirna is not a genius. ["See above. You're going to want to pace yourself with that." -- Sars]

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