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Tango and Cash

The Bowling Moms get the Detour clue, and they choose the dogs, because the dogs are right outside and there's nothing to find. Brandon and Nicole and Marshall and Lance get to the cemetery just as Alison and Donny jump the coffin cart to take them the rest of the way. Marshall and Lance are next to the clue, followed by Brandon and Nicole. Both choose the Tango, and Brandon and Nicole pick up Alison and Donny's cart as it arrives at the clue box, catching a ride back out of the cemetery before Alison and Donny also hurry back on.

Elsewhere, the Moms pick up their herd of dogs. Eight dogs, incidentally, is a lot, particularly when they're all branched off of one main leash. Charla and Mirna are in their cab on the way to the Tango, wondering if they did the right thing, while Donny and Alison have selected the dogs. In Brandon and Nicole's cab, he says that the dogs were indeed right by the clue, but they're still hoping the Tango turns out to be faster. "Those dogs looked like a pain," Nicole says with horror, and a cymbal crash accompanies the cut to a very cute but very ugly dog, panting something that I'm pretty sure would translate as, approximately, "You should talk." Although I guess the dog probably speaks Spanish, so it might be more like "You should talk-o." Donny tells Alison, "I'll navigate. You walk the dogs." Alison immediately becomes entangled in the leashes, and says sharply to Donny, "Donny, you need to take my bag. Donny!" He says, "Shut up, I'm reading this!" Yeah, what does she expect him to do, carry something and read? There's only so much one man's brain can be expected to do when it runs on a watch battery. Funny boop-boop-boop music plays as Donny leads Alison down the street. He quickly tells her, though, that he's not sure where they're going. "Oh, my Gawd," she says.

Elsewhere, Charla and Mirna are pulling up to the El Tango theater, which has quite an impressive sign outside. They get their program and go inside the dark theater. They run down the aisle, making little twirly movements that are not anywhere near as adorable as they think they are. The first guy Mirna presents the picture to is not the right guy, however, so they have to go back to the entrance and get a new picture. "In haste, I gave it to someone. It was wrong," Mirna says. That's exactly how I lost my heart to Evil Doctor Will.

Alison and Donny are dog-walking rather aimlessly as, again, the music guys continue to deliver with some very funny stuff. This was an outstanding week for them. Alison and Donny soon run into Karen and Linda, and Karen suggests that if they all stay together, it will be "less stressful." Wait, it's going to be less stressful if they team up with Alison and Donny? Meh. That's like adding soap to your coffee to make it sweeter.

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