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Kafka'ed Up

Sam and Dan come out of the Polarium, saying, "Not too bad!" No blurring now, which is not surprising considering their dicks have probably shrunk all the way in to their sternums. Sam is happy to hear they're going to the Charles Bridge, which he says is "really pretty." They catch a cab at a gas station/convenience store across the street, so Sam can hurry up and get some more sightseeing done.

"I'll tell you one thing, if we don't get this word right and we come out of here last, I'm never coming back to the Czech Republic," Flight Time tells Ericka, who laughs. Inside, Brian writes down "FRANZ" in the five blocks, gets his clue, and celebrates on his way out. He does not tell Big Easy what the word is, or even the second letter. So Brian, a.k.a. Mr. Karma, a.k.a. Mr. Help The Other Teams And They'll Help You, doesn't give him anything at all, which lets Dan even further off the hook he already wasn't on, in my opinion. "Babe, I got it!" he crows outside, and he and Ericka are now officially in third place. "And I did it drunk, too!" he says as they get in their cab. Watch, now he'll get home and not be able to accomplish anything without a shot of hooch.

Big Easy is running out of patience. "That is some bullshit!" he bellows. Finally, he makes his way back out among the still-ringing telephones, goes outside, and calls out, "Herb! I ain't get it yet, dawg." Flight Time asks if he wants to take the penalty, and calmly accepts it when Big Easy says he does. I can't believe I'm seeing this. I don't believe I've ever seen it before, even. Over shots of the unimpressed supervisors, Phil narrates, "In the event that a team is unable to complete a Road Block, a four-hour penalty must be served before they can resume the race." Ouch. A clock on the screen duly starts counting down from 4:00:00 as Big Easy blames himself, and Flight Time tells him not to worry about it. Because it's apparently impossible to make Flight Time mad. In an interview, Big Easy talks about how you never quit. "But in this instance, it benefitted us to quit, so I just took the four-hour penalty to maybe have enough time to catch up with the other teams." Flight Time backs him up, calling it a "strategic move." I'm sorry, I'm failing to see the strategic value of voluntarily putting yourself another four hours behind everyone when you're already in last place and there's only going to be half a leg to catch up in. And no matter you look at it, as they go to sit down on some nearby steps, that is going to be a long-ass four hours. Even after the ads, There's still 3:47 left on their penalty as they sit on a staircase, hoping for the best.

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