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Kafka'ed Up

Dan and Big Easy? Still totally ZFNARed.

Brian and Ericka reach the M1. "There was a party going on in there," Brian says emphatically, as we see chicks dancing on the bar Coyote Ugly-style and bartenders behind it breathing fire. "This is the Speed Bump?" Brian says incredulously. As they watch the bartender demo the prep process for the absinthe, Brian interviews that he doesn't drink. You will be tonight, sunshine. While they wait for their sugar cubes to melt, Brian takes in some of the scenery and says it's going to get him in trouble. "You'll get yourself in trouble," Ericka corrects. Afterwards, she interviews about how he was looking around at all the girls. "There was girls in there?" Brian asks innocently. She is not fooled. They suck down their drinks and get their clues as soon as they've finished recovering from making all those horrible faces. Hurrying back to the Speed Bump sign, Brian expresses a hope that there aren't public intoxication laws here. He'll change his mind about that later. They grab a cab to the museum in last place.

Dan finishes his form and brings it to the supervisor. He examines it for a long time under his desk magnifier, then hands it to his underling, who nods. Big Easy asks Dan what he got, but Dan's done "working together," now that he's finished. "It starts with an F, that's all I'm saying," Dan tells Big Easy as his form gets stamped. Big Easy is stunned that Dan is ditching him. "I was giving you every time before I got mine," he protests, as though useless gibberish was somehow valuable. Dan interviews, "I was thinking, why in the heck would I tell him the answer to the Road Block when we're trying to make it to the final three?" Indeed. "That would have been the dumbest mistake I could have made." And for the second leg in a row, Big Easy is left in the lurch, this time by Dan. And I can't really blame Dan, other than for agreeing to work with Big Easy in the first place. Giving him the F was more than generous, effectively reducing the number of possible permutations by a factor of five. It's not really the other kind of F that Big Easy seems to think it is, the kind that is generally followed by a "you."

Dan comes outside and meets Sam, again in second place. "Big Easy hates me right now," Dan says as they walk off in search of a cab and explains what happened. "Should I have told him the clue?" he asks as they get in a taxi. Sam says he told him enough. "He's gonna get it in the next five minutes, I guarantee it," Sam says. Sometimes, especially when he's arguing with Dan, Sam is right, at least factually. Note that Sam is not currently arguing with Dan.

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