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Kafka'ed Up

Sam and Dan open their clue in second place, and as Dan heads in to do it, Sam warns him, "Hey, don't get frustrated, okay?" That should work. Dan takes in the scene inside, and Sam describes it as it's happening: "I know Dan's gonna get so frustrated because it's gonna be all obnoxious and he's gonna get distracted and flustered." Out on a limb much? But Dan seems to quickly get an A. The letter A, that is, not the grade. As if there's any danger of the latter.

A taxi arrives to pick up Meghan and Cheyne, and they hop in. Dan gets an N and then picks the phone up again to make sure. It's still an N.

Brian and Ericka -- remember them? -- are leaving at 11:40 PM, not quite two hours behind Meghan and Cheyne, and almost an hour and a half behind Sam and Dan. More than could be accounted for by a simple stolen cab, in other words. "Caution: Speed Bump ahead," Brian reads from their clue. They're staying positive despite everything. "We've overcome much more than a little Speed Bump on this race," Brian says, and adds that they're the only team in the final four that's been on the bottom. "So we know how to come back." Wow, that's impressive. His ability to think positively almost reaches the level of a superpower. If he ever comes to a Road Block that requires him to find an upside, he's a lock.

Dan gets his fourth letter, so he's got ANFZ. He's still in there when the Globetrotters arrive outside and Big Easy jogs in to take this one, though just barely; he gets his R and heads for the Supervisor's office just as Big Easy starts answering phones. Big Easy gets his R as Dan finishes completing his form, apparently having put the letters in random order. "I don't know if it's a Czech word or an English word," he says as the supervisor hammers the three X'es onto the paper. By now Big Easy has his F. Consider that a bit of foreshadowing.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive at the Kryocentrum, and outside the building, Cheyne reads the clue instructing, "Check out the coolest holistic treatment in town." And then there's footage of a guy in gloves, sandals, a swim cap, a dust mask, and underwear descending into a kind of reverse sauna. Phil claims that Czech athletes do this to boost healing. "Teams must strip down to little more than their skivvies," Phil narrates over a shot of a close-up of some rather well-packed boxer briefs, and I have to say that if that doesn't merit blurring, I have no idea what was going on with Sam and Dan's junk back in Estonia. In this state of undress, they'll have to walk into a "cryotherapy" room, "which is kept at a brisk 180 degrees below zero Celsius." Holy fuck! That's -292 Fahrenheit, which I wouldn't have previously thought survivable, and I live in Minnesota. But after cooling their heels (and their goddamn livers) in there for a full two minutes, they'll get their next clue. Meghan and Cheyne hurry in, change, and Cheyne pronounces the low temperature "gnarly." Then they walk down the mist-shrouded steps into the deep-freeze, open the glass door, step inside, and start howling. Because honestly, they're in an environment that's 5˚ C warmer than liquid oxygen. I'd be howling too. I think I'd still be howling.

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