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Kafka'ed Up

Sam and Dan are still hauling their Golem and still arguing, and Dan claims to be getting lightheaded from the effort. "With brothers, sometimes the person who wins is whoever yells the loudest, so we gotta try and get over that right now," Sam says. They get back underway, under their Golem.

Brian and Ericka are back at the brewery, where a confusing exterior shot shows both an evening-blue sky and a clock that reads 9:05. They load up for a second trip, Brian attempting a fresh strategy of not overloading. Either Ericka is not shown saying anything, or she has simply lapsed into sullen silence.

As they're walking back to the bar, nervously eyeing a passing street sweeper, a woman they meet is like, "For me? For me?" and makes a grab for Brian's tray. "Out the damn way!" Ericka snaps from in his wake, and even Brian roars back at her once she's safely past, "Are you kidding me?" They continue this service with a smile, as Ericka tells a bystander, "Yeah, I do have some American attitude. Touch me and you get punched." Well, at least she's owning it.

Flight Time and Big Easy are still on their stairs. Flight Time is not ready to give up. What's it going to take with that guy?

If Sam and Dan could move their Golem by the power of bickering, they'd be there already.

By the time Ericka and Brian make it back to the bar, it's closed down and the drunks are doing their cheering outside the locked outer door. They're up to nineteen beers, and they jump in a cab to return for the other eleven. Good plan.

Approaching the synagogue, Sam suggests raising the dolly bar to chest-level, which turns out to be a lot less labor-intensive. I guess it puts more of the weight on the Golem's wheels and less of it on the brothers. "Why didn't we do this the whole freaking way?" Dan wonders. They reach the synagogue with the waiting rabbis, who either don't notice the broken arm or don't care, because the brothers get their clue. "Detour from frickin' hell," Dan says before they open their Pit Stop clue. They get into a cab, and Dan admits, "I was a complete baby during that." Classily, Sam agrees. "It was really pissing me off," he says. I'm glad Dan had another epiphany, but I'm a little worried that they might come in threes.

Brian and Ericka load up with six and five beers respectively, which seems to me like cutting it close. If they drop only one, that's a whole trip back, after all. Only two soccer hooligans are waiting for them outside this time. "Where'd your other friend go? They left?" Brian asks them. Ericka patiently pretends to engage them in conversation. "How's life? That's what I thought." "Our goal is to finish this Detour before the sun comes up," Brian says as they turn the corner into a shot that shows the sky is getting lighter in the east already. Better hurry.

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