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Kafka'ed Up

Unlike, say, Sam and Dan, the latter of whom is bitching about how heavy the Golem is as they try to cross the Charles Bridge. Well, duh. How do well do you think Prague's medieval Jews would have been protected by a Golem made of meringue and helium? "I know it is but you have to tough it out," Sam says. "Meghan did it, let's go." Meghan not only did it, she got Cheyne to listen to her while doing it. Finally, Sam gives in and lets them stand it up with an enraged, "Gosh dang it, Dan!" Dan screams at him to shut up, threatens to drop it just out of sheer pissiness, and finally agrees to get going again. I think Dan's just about due for a fresh epiphany. If by "epiphany" you mean "five upside the head."

So how are the Globetrotters doing? Well, their penalty is now under three hours. 2:58:24, to be exact. Big Easy continues to beat himself up, even as Flight Time tells him to let it go. Big Easy explains to his partner about the form they had to fill out with each attempt. "How many times you do it?" Flight Time asks, probably wondering if it's too late to go back in and try again. Big Easy laughs, holding his hands about a foot off the ground to indicate the size of the stack he generated. "I killed about four trees." Flight Time continues to hope for other teams' suckage. Because that's a solid strategy in the penultimate leg.

Still, Brian and Ericka might be about filling the bill. Attempting to rest their beer trays on a garden-level windowsill, Brian spills all but four of his glasses. "It's all right, it's all right," he says calmly, even as Ericka, getting out if his way, somehow spills all of hers, the glasses smashing on the pavement. There's just one sad little empty glass on its side rolling back and forth on her tray, but Brian continues to play it cool. Ericka, however, is not buying, and wants to switch tasks. "This is not going to work. I'm not willing to make it work," she declares. Yeah, can you imagine her laboring beneath a Golem? Think she'd be more willing to make that work? Brian puts two of his surviving glasses on her tray, assuring her they won't be there all night. "This is in. Sane," she in. Sists.

After the ads, Brain prevails on her to continue walking with the seven glasses they still have. But it gets harder as they start encountering people on the sidewalk, and order them rather impatiently to stay clear. Eventually they move to the other side of the traffic barrier, walking on the shoulder to avoid the drunks. Even so, one of them reaches over to try to snag one of Brian's, which might have tipped the whole thing. "We had a lot of challenges within the challenge," Brian interviews. Finally they reach the bar and carefully deliver their pathetic seven beers to a table of hooligans in the bacchanal below. 23 to go, and then they will have brought enough beers for one of them.

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