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Kafka'ed Up

Sam and Dan are dragging their Golem from the riverbank up to the street, bickering once again. Sam suggests Dan use one of his own arms to hold the Golem's broken one in place. For some reason, Dan wants to park their Golem right there in the middle of the street, yelling, "That will stop a car! Dumbass, put it up!" Is Dan also going to suggest adjusting the broken arm to hold up one hand like a mythic traffic cop? Sam tells Dan to stop being immature, and then devolves right into sarcastic sniping right back at him as they stand behind their Golem, which is now guarding the middle of the road. Legends of it will be passed down through generations of cobblestones. Dan explains in a post-leg interview that he wanted to find the synagogue before schlepping the Golem around, "and Sam didn't want to do that." Sam doesn't even want to look in the camera at this point. As they spot a passing taxi to break their deadlock, a camera happens to notice a clock on a lamppost that reads almost 2:00 AM. Damn, this is a long leg. The cabbie gives them directions, and as they return to their waiting Golem, Dan starts to voice doubts about whether their directions are valid. "Dan, absolutely, we're going there, okay?" Sam snaps, cutting him off.

Brian and Ericka find the brewery, where they go downstairs to find all the beer glasses already laid out for them, filled with a dark brew that makes Guinness look like 7Up. Brian says he'll take eight and she'll take seven, and gives her a little demonstration on how to pick up the little round server tray by putting your hand under the center. They emerge onto the sidewalk thus laden, and are immediately waylaid by a small group of five soccer hooligans who walk along with them noisily, making Ericka very nervous. "You guys don't have jobs?" Brian snipes at them. About here is when everything stops going right for them. As you knew it would.

Meghan and Cheyne's cabbie drops them off at the park, and they run down a set of stone steps toward where Phil is waiting by the river with a model in a red dress. "Big Philly!" Cheyne calls out as they run up. The greeter welcomes them to Prague, and Cheyne responds, "Sorry we're so gross." Phil shakes his head and tells them, "Once again, you are team number one." Even he's bored by it at this point. They celebrate as Phil tells them they're in the final three, plus they've won a 52-inch TV -- each. Maybe they can link them together to make one 104-incher, or just put one in their sauna. In their post-leg interview, Cheyne has given up all pretense at modesty as he says, "We are the best team going into the final three, absolutely. We've won the most legs. I think we're the most confident, we're both physically strong, mentally strong, and we're prepared for what's going to come our way."

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