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Kafka'ed Up

Brian and Ericka finish their Polarium visit. "It was clearly the coldest I've ever been," she says. No shit. Like I said, I live in Minnesota, and that's two hundred and fifty degrees colder than I've ever been. I would think it's colder than anyone's ever been who has not been in that room, or in outer space without a suit. But anyway, soon they're on their way to the Charles Bridge for the Detour clue. In the cab, Brian says, "The last leg, everything went wrong and today everything's going right." Oh, man. What is he trying to do to them? I know he likes to stay positive, but that's totally calling down the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing.

Meghan, Cheyne, and their Golem are trying to cross a busy street and getting honked at for their trouble. After pausing on the trolley track in the middle (because it's easier to stop a streetcar than an automobile for a giant clay man in your path, I guess they figure), they finally get it to the curb and stand it upright. Meghan takes Cheyne to task for all the yelling he's doing, which is totally not directed at her, but she firmly tells him to knock it off anyway. "Encouraging, positive, not stressed-out and loud," she instructs. Because Meghan is the only one who's allowed to get frustrated, I guess. They get going again.

Sam and Dan look almost done, but Dan is complaining about the time Sam's spending on that broken arm. "I'm covering this dirt, Dan," he protests, and utters a line that should have been this episode's title: "I can't have dirt all over him or else the rabbi's gonna be pissed!" Yes, we all remember that episode of Seinfeld.

Brian and Ericka reach the Charles Bridge and decide on Lager. "I used to be a server, I can carry that stuff," Brian says. They ask directions from a guy in a doorway, who unhelpfully slurs, "I'm lost also." They leave him to it, Ericka adding, "And drunk." She's not kidding; dude is so tanked his face is blurry. Fortunately for the Americas, a cab pulls up, and the driver directs them 700 meters thataway. Now that's precise.

Meghan and Cheyne reach the Old New Synagogue, and the old bearded Rabbi looks over their Golem with approval. "That ain't bad. Very nice work." The younger rabbi gives them their clue, and off they go to the Pit Stop, once again in first place. What else is new. Phil says that this week, the Pit Stop is Strelecky Ostrov, whose establishing shots were either filmed under a very rapidly darkening sky or in time-lapse. "This small island next to the world-famous Charles Bridge is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil informs us. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." The mud-caked pair find a taxi with a perky female driver and offer to pay her extra to take them there. And to wipe down her own seats afterward, presumably.

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