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Meghan and Cheyne have finished coating their Golem -- front and back, having rolled it over at some point -- and now have to lift it back to an upright position, now that it's a lot heavier than when they started. They're up to it, though, and Cheyne takes hold of the convenient dolly handle that spans the Golem's shoulder blades and starts wheeling it across the cobblestones, grunting with the effort. He interviews that it weighed enough that he could barely lift it alone. So Meghan joins him in the pulling. Of this copy of a sacred religious artifact, Cheyne observes, "He is a fat-ass."

Sam and Dan find the clue box on the Charles Bridge and also decide on Legend.

Brian and Ericka reach the Kryocentrum, in third place. I can't get over that. As they change, Ericka talks about being from Florida and hating the cold. "I didn't see snow until I was 21," she says. "I'm just not a winter baby by any stretch and I'm fine with that." But they head down into the Polarium anyway, because what else are they going to do?" My ankles are frozen!" Ericka cries from inside. The ceiling of the Polarium actually protrudes about a foot up into the room above, with glass windows. Which you can't see through anyway because it's filled with opaque mist. That's some good TV right there.

Meghan and Cheyne muscle their Golem down the street, Cheyne continuing to struggle. Meghan explains that's because he's hogging the dolly bar, making it impossible for her to take any weight. She makes him scootch over, and that seems to work better.

Sam and Dan find the Golems, and are glad to see they aren't that heavy -- yet. Complaining the whole time, they start plastering clay, going from the top down. Which seems like a recipe for dangerously overbalancing the whole thing, but they're the experts. After Dan's working on the left arm, and Sam warns him to be careful because he's going to walk over to get more clay and thus can't hold it up for a minute. But either Dan or the weight of the clay already applied to that side pulls the Golem over sideways, and the wooden arm snaps clean off at the shoulder. Only the chicken-wire armature is holding it in place now. "It's okay, Dan, we can fix it with clay," Sam calmly assures his freaked-out brother, and they lift it up again. Dan asks doubtfully, "Should we just keep doing this?" Never too early to bail, is it? Of course, given where the Globetrotters are right now, they probably have time to complete the other task after completing this one.

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