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Kafka'ed Up
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Prague! Buildings! Statues! Graffiti! Wait, graffiti? "Known as the Golden City," Phil says Prague "suffered under Soviet rule for more than forty years [hence the graffiti, I guess] but still emerged as one of the most vibrant cultural and political cities in Central Europe. And dominating the city's skyline," he adds, over a shot of Prague Castle dominating the city's skyline, "Prague Castle." He says it was built in the ninth century, and has lodged kings, emperors, presidents, and, most recently and most importantly, four Amazing Race teams.

And now the first of those teams, which as usual is Meghan and Cheyne, are departing this edifice at night -- 9:46 PM, to be exact. They open their clue, which is sending them across town to the Spanish Synagogue. So it's another leg in the same city as the previous one, which means Meghan and Cheyne will hardly ever even see another team until next week, let alone get passed by one. I don't think it's a spoiler if I'm telling you something you already know. Over b-roll of the synagogue that was clearly shot in the last few minutes of evening twilight, Phil says this is the oldest synagogue in Prague, "Where they'll find their next clue." Meghan and Cheyne get into a cab, Meghan claiming that their only focus for this leg is to make it to the final three. Considering their track record so far, you'd think they'd want to aim higher than "not dead last." Cheyne is less modest in an interview recorded before their departure: "The competition's stiff, but, you know, we do have the most wins and have made probably the best decisions, I feel like, that got us here." After he nearly elbows Meghan in the head while putting on his headlamp in the back of the cab, they reach the first clue box of the leg, not failing to notice the big Speed Bump sign waiting there for Brian and Ericka. This clue is sending them to a place called "Stara Kanalizacni Cistima, Ekotechnicke Museum." I do like it when they zoom in on the clue so I can freeze it. Then some sped-up street footage under the darkening sky accompanies Phil's explanation that they need to take a four-mile ride to the edge of town, which is where the museum is. It looks a rather grim place, except or course for the bright colors of the clue box waiting outside. Meghan and Cheyne run up to a cab, show the clue to the driver, and get in when he says, "Okay, I know that." Except he says it in subtitled Czech. But since he also nods, they get the message and get in. I wish there were more legs in countries where nodding meant "no."

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