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We Open in Venice

Monica and Sheree arrive by taxi at the Calalzo train station, where they run smack into the Sister-Kissers. Sheree warns everyone that if there gets to be a big bunch, "some people are going to get really aggressive, so beware."

2:29 AM. Chip and Reichen tear open their clue. As they grab a cab to the hill, Reichen interviews that they originally intended to "run an honorable race." However, after the Line-Butting Incident at LAX, they decided that if other people wouldn't stand in line nicely and politely, well, Reichen and Chip just wouldn't stand in line nicely and politely either. Okay, first of all, the thing at the airport didn't affect the Chipsters, because they wouldn't have gotten a ticket anyway, so I don't see why they're all pinchy about it. Second of all, I fault the show, not Josh and DadSteve, for the line-butting. (I fault Josh for his bratty attitude, but that's a separate issue.) So this whole thing is crap, even apart from the stupidity of the whole "run an honorable race" thing. To me, "run an honorable race" means only a few things. First, don't cheat: don't do things you know are against the rules that you think won't be discovered or can't be pragmatically enforced. Second, don't be a gratuitous asshole: this is the prohibition against hurling insults like a second-grader, ostracizing people at pit stops, or being abusive to your partner. Third, accept defeat gracefully: don't blame the cameraman, don't blame other teams, and don't blame your cab driver. Finally, eyes on your own paper: in other words, racing certainly involves going for the advantage, but finding new ways to sabotage other people instead of running your own race isn't exactly an accomplishment you'll be proud of later. That's all there really is to "running an honorable race." Trying to weasel your way to the front of a line, refusing to offer assistance to other distressed racers, offering them misleading information, forming alliances, taking opportunities where you find them...these things are not dishonorable. When they're done by a team you hate, it's natural to find them distasteful, but they're not ethical lapses, and if I never hear this whole The Morality Of The Race muckety-muck again, I will be very relieved.

Aaaanyway, the Chipsters arrive at the hill in their taxi, with Chip offering the driver what appears to be the least welcome hug since Chris showed some love to that poor greeter in Africa. The driver is all, "Whatever, pretty boy."

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