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We Open in Venice

Monica finally screws up her courage and hands the picture to someone. Aaaand...clue. "Thank you," she says. She heads out. Inside, Chris finally locates the owner of the Beak Mask, and he's off as well. Both Monica and Sheree and Chris and Amanda run for the boat. "Dude, you don't know how fuckin' hard that was," Chris says. "It's okay, you did good," Amanda says as they run. "I didn't do good," he counters. Monica and Sheree ask for directions, but their first target is as lost as they are. Chris and Amanda consult a map. Monica and Sheree continue asking various people to point them in the right direction.

Someone's feet run up onto the pit stop boat. Someone is greeted by the greeter. "Monica and Sheree," Phil says, "You're team number ten." They are elated.

Aww. Here come Amanda and Chris. They land on the mat. "You'd better say somethin' good," Amanda says. Unfortunately, Phil cannot oblige, and they are Philiminated. Chris immediately leans over, puts an arm around Amanda, and kisses her on the side of the head. "We tried. It was really awesome," Amanda says in her perky, band-camp manner. They talk about how tired they are, and Chris says in an interview that it's going to take a while for it to sink in that they've already come and gone from the race. I bet that's true -- it's a lot of buildup to just race for a couple of days and then find yourself on vacation. Phil asks Amanda whether she's learned anything new about Chris. "He's still a little jerk," Amanda says with a grin, "but I love him, it's okay." Yeah, it's not nice to talk to each other that way, in a sense, but there were also some moments that suggested to me that they do okay for the most part. They're young; they may grow out of the bickering. They exchange a little smooch. I still think they're cute.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Millie has asthma. Uh oh. The preview implies that Chip tries to push her around, but it actually looks like he beats her to a clue that's hanging from the door of a carriage, and she's the one who's having trouble accepting that she got outrun. In fact, it looks like the only reason he puts a hand out to push her away is that she tries to grab onto him while he's going for the clue. But that's a controversy for next week. Also, bungee-jumping!

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