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It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come, First Served. And We're Bigger.

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We Open in Venice

Inside the Roadblock, Chris continues to struggle, and he voices over that he felt tremendous pressure to hurry up. This time, he's got the Beak Mask, but he again manages to hand it to the wrong person. "I sucked at that Roadblock," he voices over. You said it, not me, bub.

Commercials. When your child wakes you up with a box of Cheerios, try not to yell at him. He means well.

Back at the Roadblock, Chris has the Beak Mask again, so he's going back for a second try.

Meanwhile, at the pit stop, Tian and Jaree make a nice comeback by landing in fourth place. They explain in an interview that it's a little like Jaree is in boot camp being disciplined by Tian. I suppose they didn't want to entirely abandon the demographic that was sucked in by the initial shots of the girls shooting guns.

Russell and Cindy -- he was first into the Roadblock, you'll recall -- are still wandering around trying to find the boat. While they meander, David and Jeff (who?) land as team number five.

Monica continues to struggle with the Roadblock. As does Millie. As does Chris. Al, on the other hand, finds red-black-white person at last and gets his clue. He and Jon take off.

At last, Millie hands the Beak Mask photo to an apparently likely candidate. Aaand...she gets the clue. They run for the pit stop, where Jon and Al are in the process of checking in with Phil in sixth place. This makes the clowns happy. Of course, so does a face full of something heavy, so it's no surprise, really.

Finally, Russell and Cindy land on the mat. Welcome, Captain Contempt and Dora Doormat, you are team number seven. They try to act happy, but they know they blew the end of the leg.

Roadblock. Suffering. Monica and Chris. "Okay, this sucks," she mutters. Chris says that he was preoccupied with where the other teams were, which I think tells much of the story of Chris and this Roadblock -- and actually, of this Roadblock in general. It wasn't a hard task, but it did require concentration.

Millie and Chuck land on the mat in eighth place. "The top priorities for the race," Chuck explains in an interview, "are number one, trust God; number two, don't be last; number three, hustle every second that we can to make a difference." There's something I think is oddly endearing about "number one, trust God; number two, don't be last." Hee. Booming Voice of God: "Right on."

More wandering at the Roadblock for Monica and Chris, and then Josh and DadSteve finally reach Phil and are checked in, in ninth place. They hug. DadSteve's Body Language: "Oh my God, get off me."

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