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We Open in Venice

Jeff is inside, working with the same red-black-gold mask that screwed with Josh so much. He has better luck, though, because after a very comical round of standing in front of this poor lady and swaying back and forth like a crazed psycho who's measuring her to see if she would fit in the frame he has picked out, he hands it to her, and the clue appears. Outside, Sheree begins to worry about the fact that Monica remains inside. BuffJon, meanwhile, finds the red-black-white mask and receives his clue. Jeff and BuffJon go outside and grab their partners, and they're off.

Next into the Roadblock is Millie, who has a picture of the Beak Mask. She takes the rather assertive approach of walking up to anybody with a beak, grabbing said beak, and holding the person in place while she examines him. I'm pretty sure that waiting to be grabbed by contestants is pretty much the only thing on any of these people's agendas, so I don't so much think they mind the grabbing. ["I thought it was aggressive and rude; those are real people in there!" -- Wing Chun] Still, I don't recommend it at, for instance, the next wedding you attend. If you were to walk up to the bride's mother, for instance, grab her nose, hold up your invitation to her face, and say, "Is this you?," she might not like it.

Chris offers the headdress-sprouting mask picture to a woman who blows him off and bolts. "Oh, you're kidding me," he says as spooky, spooky music warbles in the background. As Chris walks outside, he voices over that he rushed the decision to hand over the picture. Josh is comforted not to be the only person who flubbed it. "It's hard, isn't it, dude?" Josh says sympathetically and gratefully. Finally, Al enters the Roadblock. Al gets the red-black-white mask (the same one as Monica and BuffJon), and after him, there goes Josh, for his second attempt.

Kelly and BuffJon are running for the pit stop. She asks him to check the compass, but he assures her that he knows where they're going, and not to worry. Josh also seems to have the red-black-white mask, which I guess is the only one they're giving out now. Of the four people currently inside the Roadblock, three of them (Josh, Al, and Monica) are now looking for this same mask. Josh is first to find the guy, and when he does, he retrieves the clue successfully. He runs outside and grabs DadSteve, and they take off. Monica continues looking inside, as does Millie, who is still accosting anything with a beak.

The Chipsters run aboard the pit stop boat. Welcome, Chipsters, you are team number two. Elsewhere, Kelly and Jon are running. David and Jeff (who?) are running. Tian and Jaree are wandering, as are Russell and Cindy. Welcome, Kelly and BuffJon, you are team number three. They did good work on this leg, for the most part.

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