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We Open in Venice

Monica is next in, and she's got a red-black-white mask that she's looking for. Chip follows, and then Josh, so that's the first group of four, and presumably, no one else can go in until one of them is done. Josh is looking for a red-black-gold mask, and he tells us that his first thought was, "Crap, I should have let my dad do this." Russell continues his hunt for the white and gold mask with a sort of peacock-like headdress sprouting out of it. The first to try a picture out is Josh, who hands the red-black-gold picture to a guy. It's not even really a very close match; the mask in his picture has black cheeks, and this guy has gold ones. The guy takes it, tucks it into his coat, and walks off. Ooooh, burn! Josh has to head back outside and get in line. He voices over that he didn't realize there would be some that were similar, and he says he was "livid" that he had to go to the end of the line and start over. Tough break, there, Josh. By the way, Grant Shaud called and he wants his shrunken head back.

The exit of Josh makes way for the entry of Jeff into the Roadblock party. Chip, meanwhile, is looking for a red and black mask with a big beak, and he thinks he's found it. He stops the person, studies the face, looks back and forth between the face and the picture, and finally hands the picture over. From inside the guy's coat comes the next clue, and Chip is off. Outside, he grabs Reichen and they run for the pit stop, as the clue directs. Phil reminds us that the last team to check in at the pit stop will be eliminated. Chip and Reichen are told by a baseball-hatted local that if they run, they can get to the pit stop boat in ten or fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, it's time for Tian to go inside the Roadblock. Inside, Russell has finally located his mark, and the mark hands over the clue when Russell hands over the picture. Tian next finds the Beak Mask and she leaves, after nearly hyperventilating with excitement. Outside, Josh is depressed to see Russell and Tian leave, as this is beginning to interfere with his theory that he only screwed it up because it's so very, very hard. You can almost see him becoming more and more horrified at the list of people who did better at this task than he did, because it now includes a "pretty-boy" and one of the "blondes." Russell and Tian both bring their clues to their partners, and everybody takes off.

Next into the Roadblock is BuffJon, followed by Chris, who takes the Roadblock because Amanda "expressed concerns" about the "high-pressure situation," especially since they apparently were one of the teams who slacked off and didn't come back in time for a good place in line. Chris has been given the same headdress-sprouting mask that seemed to take Russell quite a while to track down, while Jon has been given what turns out to be the same red-white-black mask that Monica already has.

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