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We Open in Venice

AirSteve and Dave are finding their way to the pit stop boat, saying that they're hoping they'll get a "healthy head start" from the FF. It's a combination of good and bad FF use, because on one hand, an injury is a good reason to use it, but on the other hand, it doesn't look like they checked the operating hours first, and given the long rest period and megabunch, they could probably have conserved the FF for another use if they had. But at any rate, they arrive at the boat, where they are welcomed to Venice by a sort of strange-looking boy greeter who wears quite a bit of mauve clothing and a three-cornered hat, and thus looks a little like a female stripper might at the beginning of a complex routine where she plays a member of the Continental Congress. "Steve and Dave," says Phil, anxious to break the good news, "You're team number one!" I'm not sure what the joke was there -- we clearly missed something -- but Phil is having a lot of fun with these guys. They chuckle and do their trademark high-five low-five near-miss gesture, which on the one hand is kind of irritating, but on the other, isn't as bad as all that hand-slapping that Aaron and Arianne used to trot out, so it hardly seems worth complaining about.

At 5:00, the Palazzo finally opens, and the clue box is brought out to the teams. It's a Roadblock, which Phil explains is a task that only one team member can do. You have to pick who does it before you know exactly what it is, and once you decide who's going, you can't switch. In this task, the chosen person takes one of four photographs handed to him by the doorman. The photographs are of elaborate masks, and when you get inside the party with the photograph, there are all kinds of people milling around in all sorts of masks, and you have to find the person who is wearing the one shown in the picture you have. When you think you've found the right person, you hand him the picture. If you're right, he hands you the next clue. If you're wrong, he just takes the picture from you and walks away. If that happens, you have to come back outside and get in back of the line to go in again, and because only four people can go into the party at a time, once you get kicked out, you may have to wait before you get another try. So you really don't want to guess wrong, is the point.

As Monica and Sheree discuss the fact that Monica is going to take the Roadblock, they specifically discuss the importance of not rushing, but of taking the time to make sure it's the right mask before handing over the picture. I don't want to give anything away, but like all theories, that one should be used in moderation. At any rate, first into the Roadblock is Russell (boooo!). He voices over that the people inside are dressed in "traditional Venetian garb." "Garb"? I'm sorry, what kind of a goober uses the word "garb" in the year 2003 with absolutely no sense of irony? "Darling, I'd like to take you to dinner -- now adorn yourself in your most festive garb, and we shall dine like kings!" Shut up, Russell.

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