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We Open in Venice

At 9:30 AM, a little more than an hour after the teams on the Alpi train arrived in Venice, the Calalzo teams do the same. Everyone to the Googly Bridge! Quickly, Tian and Jaree get themselves onto a gondola, while Kelly and Jon opt for the running. A fair amount of wandering ensues, particularly for Kelly and Jon, who appear at times to be trapped in that part of This Is Spinal Tap where they can't find the stage. ("Rock and roll!") Jon has a compass, but seems reluctant to consult it. It's decorative, I guess. ["Plus everyone thinks they can read a compass, but in fact, they can't." -- Wing Chun]

On their gondola, Tian and Jaree discuss beautiful Venice. "I hope we get to see it," Tian says. "Well, we're seein' it now," Jaree drawls. "I always thought it would be in the arms of my lover," Tian says dryly, throwing an arm around her partner, "but you'll do." "See, you're only nice to me when we're doin' good," Jaree says warily. Tian and Jaree make it to the clue box.

Kelly and Jon, on the other hand, continue to wander aimlessly. She finally smacks him on the arm. "Talk to me. Which direction are we going?" He looks at the compass. "Right now, we're going..." He stares at the compass, and then in unison, they say -- him plainly, her pointedly -- "West." "Exactly my point," she says carefully. "It's east." I like her.

Commercials. This vacuum cleaner comes with a free kangaroo! Or something.

Back in Venice, Jon and Kelly are still arguing over the navigation issues. "At least work with me," she says, becoming increasingly animated and waving her arms, "instead of just saying, 'Ah got it! Ah got it! Bada bing, bada boom!' Because you don't got it." Hee hee. Finally, they seem to pull it together, and when they do find the clue box, Kelly's ready with plenty of praise. "Nice, babe, nice," she says as they run to the box.

At the Palazzo da Mosto, the first clump of teams is arriving. They all look at the sign that lists the hours of operation starting at 5:00 PM. Despite taking different Detour options, Millie and Chuck and Chris and Amanda have found each other again, and are still looking for the Palazzo. Tian and Jaree actually seem to arrive at the Palazzo ahead of these guys, as do Kelly and Jon. Kelly is none too happy that "the blondes" found the Palazzo before she did. Are any of these people ever going to notice that Jaree isn't blonde? I mean, blonde is still a descriptive term, right? It hasn't become a religion since I last checked, or a state of mind? Jaree is not blonde. Jaree has brown hair. Whatever. Finally, Millie and Chuck and Chris and Amanda get to the flag. Everybody is all bunched up now.

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