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We Open in Venice

Amanda gets into the spirit of things by turning around to the gondolier and saying something so novel that I'm sure he only hears it forty or fifty times a day: "Do you sing?" He hesitates. And then he lays it on her: "O sole mio..." Amanda laughs, because even she knows that she has forced this guy into the ultimate Cheeseball Tourist Moment of all time. Poor guy. Still kinda funny, though, and there's probably some kind of prize at the Gondoliers' Club at the end of the month if you're subjected to the largest number of idiot tourists asking you to sing, so it's not all bad for him.

Millie and Chuck are on the run. She has stopped to ask for directions from someone who unfortunately doesn't know any more than she does. Venice has to be so infested with tourists that I think I'd probably run into one of the shops and ask someone who was working, because otherwise, the odds seem substantial that the person you ask will be from, say, Ohio. Chuck and Millie find a different guy to ask, and while he seems a little sketchy, he does give them something of a lead.

Chris, in his gondola, takes the map from Amanda, telling her she "sucks at this" navigation stuff. She's smiling and unperturbed, though, and notes how "cool" the trip through Venice is. "It's not cool if we come in last," he notes. He voices over that if he has to "be mean" about something, he'll do it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell it to Zach -- if he can walk away with a million bucks and not be mean to Flo, you can shut up forever about the argument that you have to smack your partner around when she doesn't measure up to your expectations. Amanda maintains that being near the back doesn't bother her; she's still happy they took the gondola and got to see Venice this way. "I realize you want to win, but this is really beautiful," Amanda says.

Chuck and Millie have stopped at what looks to be a tomato stand, and they're trying to get the guy there to accept money to walk them to the plaza. He points out that he's working, so he can't leave. Yeah, you can't really just walk up and abduct people, you know. The race is important, but residents of Venice must have their tomatoes.

In the lead gondola are David and Jeff (who?). Just behind them are Russell and Cindy, and then the Chipsters, followed by Monica and Sheree and Chris and Amanda. Everybody follows David and Jeff as they make a turn down a very narrow canal. I have to agree with the Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster who suggested that it looks like they've digitally covered up a camera guy in the front of Chris and Amanda's boat with a blob of blue blanket or something. Having said that, I'm now sure it's probably not true.

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