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We Open in Venice

Back to the Calalzo train station, where Tian and Jaree and Jon and Kelly are surprised to arrive and find no other teams. "Where the hell is everybody?" Kelly wonders. Cut to the Alpi train, carrying all the other teams. Even though it's not a pit stop, the teams appear to be Mingling. Phil does not, however, materialize and impose penalties. As the train from Calalzo takes off, both Jaree and Kelly puzzle over where the other teams could be.

Commercials. Hey, if there's anybody I trust to screen dates for me, it's Simon Cowell. "That was horrible. That was the wuuhhhst pick-up line I've ever heard," he would say.

The Amazing World Map shows two very cramped little Amazing Yellow Lines inching from Calalzo and Alpi to Venice. This is all the action that the AYLs are getting in this leg, too -- they're going to get all shirty before long, like those "gifted" kids whose parents swear that the reason they spit in other people's food is that they're "not challenged." Chip explains that since nine teams are on the Alpi train and only two aren't, it's not so much that anyone has a lead as that a couple of people are screwed.

On the Calalzo train, Tian and Jaree finally find out from a helpful guy on the train that there was an earlier train to Venice, and that's where the rest of the teams have to be. She proceeds to give Jaree the opposite of a pep talk. She's fondling the Fast Forward, so I think that's what she's proposing. "We can't catch up to them," she diagnoses. "We don't know that," Jaree counters. "We do know that," Tian comes back. Kelly and Jon are reviewing their options as well, because Kelly thinks they need a plan. Other than Tian's plan, which is apparently the Give Up Immediately plan.

On the Alpi train, Cindy is undertaking the obviously futile task of trying to talk to Russell about her feelings. "It's not to your advantage," she explains, "for me not to know even what your plans are." He eyes her with open and unmistakable contempt. "You're being ultra-controlling here, and you're not informing me," Cindy continues. Russell smirks. Cindy tries to lighten the conversation by pointing out that she is capable of contributing. "It's amazing I even got through the world without you," she says, and chuckles. "It is, actually," he says coldly. It's incredibly uncomfortable but oddly fascinating, watching her labor to shift the power dynamic between them: she's trying to make it into a moment where they'll both laugh, and he'll be a little sheepish and a little sorry, and she'll get her feet under her. And that's just not going to happen, because it could not be more obvious that Russell has no respect for Cindy whatsoever. Having failed in her effort to make them allies, Cindy predictably shifts gears and tries to get some traction by being angry. "You haven't seen me get mean," she says. "I wasn't planning on it, but if you talk down to me one more time...." He continues to look indifferent. Boy, that was just upsetting. It's not that he doesn't like her That Way -- he doesn't like her any way. Bleh.

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