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We Open in Venice

Speaking of people who should shut up, here come Russell and Cindy. "Hola, everyone," Russell says. For some reason, when I already don't like you, there's nothing like a chipper, friendly greeting to make me want to punch you in the face.

Tian and Jaree. Hill. Double-axel. AAAAAAAAAH! Clue. "That was so much fun," Jaree says with mild amusement as they open it.

Back at Calalzo, a bus pulls in, and Italian-speaking Al goes over to talk to the driver. He asks whether the bus goes to Venice, and the driver apparently explains to him that while it doesn't go to Venice, it does go to Alpi, which has an earlier train to Venice than Calalzo does. Al -- because he's nicer than he is crafty -- comes over and tells all the other teams that they only have three minutes to haul ass to the bus. Chip rounds up Reichen, who apparently gives up his death grip on the door handles, and all the teams currently waiting at Calalzo scamper onto the Alpi bus. So much for that little dust-up, and I certainly hope everyone feels silly.

Jaree stops for breath on what appears to be a walk from the ski hill to the Cortina bus station, where they intend to catch the bus to Calalzo, just as Kelly and Jon planned to do.

On the bus, Russell is comparing notes with Reichen and either Monica or Sheree (hard to tell from the back, given the matching outfits) about where in Venice they're headed. Cindy explains in an interview that she wasn't crazy about the way Russell tended to discuss strategy with other teams without ever even talking to her at all. She has not yet figured out that not only does he not have her filed under "G" for "Girlfriend," he has her filed under "L" for "Luggage."

At the Alpi train station, the Alpi teams get on the train to Venice. Josh notes that they're still "missing two teams," in that "Kelly and Jon and the blondes" aren't around. At 5:40 AM, the train leaves.

At the Cortina bus station, Tian and Jaree are just arriving. When they get there, they see only Kelly and Jon, who exchange a bit of a "bleh, models" look upon seeing the girls. Tian works the counter, but Jaree seems to have a map and some notes already. "Let me show you," she says, proudly unfolding her stuff. "Back off. When I want to find out information, let me," Tian scolds. Wow, that sucked. Jaree walks off, obedient but pissed. You know, when your partner is struggling a little bit, as Jaree has been, it's a good idea not to blow her off when she's pitching in. Just saying.

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