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A farewell to arms
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This week's show opens on a black screen, where plain white text informs you that the episode you are about to see was filmed in Sri Lanka before the December 26 tsunami. And there's not much to say about that except that making the world a little smaller and more familiar is always a good thing, even when it's a sad thing.

Previously on I Think You Have No Dignity, And My Comical Undies Agree: Teams scooted out of Corsica and moved it on over to Ethiopia. El Hornio attempted to assert himself in the airport, but he and Rebecca continued to have painful, weepy fights of the sort most commonly associated with seventh grade, friendship bracelets, and slumber parties to which someone is meaningfully Not Invited. Kendra called Jonathan an asshole, which was awesome, and of which I feel obligated to remind you, even though they unforgivably leave it out of the previouslys. Hornio stupidly Yielded Nuance instead of Spazpants, for apparently no reason other than the apparent faith that if Jonathan asks you to do it, it must be a good idea, a principle most famously and unfortunately followed in the case of a certain marriage proposal. Fortunately, said Yield wasn't enough to save America's Least Favorite Screaming Botox Hounds, particularly after they showed up at a route marker one donkey short of the necessary and appropriate donkey allotment. When they were thrown out, Phil tried not to do that thing where you jump up in the air and click your heels together, but confined his excitement to his facial muscles, which almost buckled under the strain of not laughing. Five teams left. "Who will be"

Credits. In the credits of my imagination, when Meredith and Maria bump hips, one of them takes the form of an ice bridge, and the other one takes the shape of a coyote. [BOMP.]

Commercials. Was the world really clamoring for Mulan II? Won't that kind of be in the sad part of the E! True Hollywood Story about the Disney animation studios?

We return to Ethiopia, where a couple of folks are, among other things, demonstrating how you can carry giant bundles of brush without falling over. More than I can do. Phil informs us that Ethiopia is "the oldest independent nation in Africa." Which I totally didn't know, so, cool. Every time I learn a new fact on this show, it makes for up for five minutes of my life I've spent watching World's Wildest Police Videos. ["It does? Awesome. Er, not that I watch WWPV every time it's on or anything. Because I definitely don't. Do that. [cough]" -- Sars] Specifically, we are in Lalibela, which should totally be the name of my all-girl band, but in fact was the eighth pit stop. There is a small amount of E/S/M footage this time, as Freddy and Kendra toast (natch) themselves, and we get a decent shot of a visorless Jon, which shows that when he combs his hair, the boy cleans up nicely indeed. Not like I am surprised. Phil wonders whether Jon and Kris will start fighting and throwing food at each other and shit, proving that it's all been an illusion (oh, probably), and whether Hornio will be able to drag their sorry asses out of last place, or will continue to fight. Remarkably, during the E/S/M footage, you can see El Hornio without the El Horns. It's like seeing Zsa Zsa without makeup.

1:16 AM. Hayden and Aaron. Or Ayden and Harron, or Hayhead and Airedale, or whatever. They rip the clue, which tells them to hop a charter flight to Addis Ababa. Phil explains that after a 14-mile ride to Lalibela airport, they'll sign up for one of two charter flights that leave a half-hour apart. They'll fly to the capital of Ethopia and find a stadium where their next clue is located. As they head out, Aaron explains that he and Hayden have put all of their crap on the back burner, and it worked last week, because they "went from worst to first." True, that. Also, the odds that I'm going to track them (by which I mean "them") down and strangle them (by which I mean "her") have decreased substantially. They leave for the airport.

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