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"This is Accra, capitol city of Ghana," Phil intones. He's back in Kaneshie Market, the second Pit Stop, which he says has more than 2,000 vendors, making it one of the largest markets in West Africa. Which he told us last week. Remember when episodes used to open with new and interesting facts about the Pit Stops, or at least new ones? His research department is letting down the side. Brook and Claire, who won the last leg, are leaving at 7:34 AM. The clue is sending them to the Jamestown neighborhood to find the Akotoku Boxing Academy and their next clue. But Brook and Claire don't know it's a boxing school until their driver tells them, at which point they're thrilled. What did they think Akotoku Boxing Academy was, a gift wrapping club?

Katie and Rachel are close behind at 7:35, and quickly get a taxi. Michael and Kevin will be leaving in third place, at 7:45. In a pre-leg interview, Kevin admits that they have a hard time keeping up physically with teams in their twenties and thirties, Michael being fifty-nine and all. Kevin adds that this isn't as much about winning the million dollars as staying in as many legs as they can so they can experience all the different countries. I'm glad to see he has a realistic attitude about their chances of winning the million dollars. I suppose he also wouldn't complain if this gig scored him another million YouTube subscribers, but then if there were a way to monetize the first million he probably wouldn't be here.

Brook and Claire have already arrived at the boxing academy, where guys are doing some early-morning sparring in an outdoor ring. Brook shrieks her excitement as she grabs their clue and gushes about the burly men. "You've got a Rocky road ahead," the clue hint reads, har har. Suddenly here's Phil, to tell us that boxing is the second-most popular sport in Ghana after soccer, so there are boxing gyms like this all over the country. They certainly take up less space than soccer fields. Phil reminds us that Ghana has produced several world-champion boxers, so it's kind of a letdown when he says that for this Road Block, all they'll have to accomplish is tape up their hands like a boxer, and then do sixty seconds each on the speed bag and the jump rope to earn their next clue. Seriously, that's it? I was hoping they'd have to knock down a boxer, or at the very least get knocked down by a boxer, but it doesn't look like they're even getting in the ring. Boo. Despite this, Brook wants to do the Road Block, and I'm sure those watermelon-sized speed bags on their vertical elastic bands are giving Claire PTSD flashbacks anyway. Brook interviews that she and Claire train at a boxing facility back home. "Come on, Bammer," Claire calls to Brook from the sidelines. She tells us, "If Brook gets in the ring with those other guys, I'm scared for the other guy." I'm scared for the guy who has to tell Brook she's not getting into the ring. Brook starts taping up her hand, trying to keep up with the trainer who's taping his. Think he'll put the tape over his mouth just to see if he can get her to mimic it?

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