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I'm Supposed To Be Indebted To Her For The Rest Of The Race?!

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Flights of fancy, flats of fate

Previously on Stop, Or My Domineering, Creepy-Ass Husband Will Shoot: Folks fled Fez. Teri and Ian got bitchy about a cab, and Flo and Jill got itchy about the Fast Forward. Ian and Teri sucked rocks, but bucked the competition and lucked into a magic carpet ride to first place. Firecop was led astray, and then a-scared, and then a-screwed. In the end, though, their poor showing was no match for the even more hapless Team Aahab, who couldn't make up the time they lost during Dieselfest '02 and consequently discovered that bad karma is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. Wooo! "Who will be eliminated..." The mountains crumble, Gibraltar tumbles. "…tonight?"

Credits. Two beer gardens near the standing wave on the Eisbach River have recently become pilot sites for outdoor wireless Internet surfing. (Get it?) The 1964 Innsbruck Olympics marked the return of bobsledding to the games. According to tire industry experts, improper inflation is the cause of most sudden tire failure. Munich became the capital of the Bavarian kingdom in 1806. In addition to his friends Seppel and Gretel and his grandma, common characters in Kasperle plays include the crocodile, the robber, the wizard, the king, and the queen. Maria von Trapp's son Johannes has a master's degree in forestry from Yale, and runs the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. [BOMP.]

Extra-vigorous music and especially enthusiastic careening bring us back to Marrakech, Morocco and the extremely pretty Riad Catalina. Phil is going Army-drab again this week, and draped in his dark green shirt, he reminds us that this was the sixth pit stop in this big race they're having. If you win, they give you money! Phil throws in a marvelous little eyebrow-pop here, which I choose to believe is directed at me personally. We see a few shots of the teams landing on the mat and so forth, and then it's time for the Eat, Sleep, and Mingle segment, featuring the belly-dancing stylings of a wiggle-rific Ken and Gerard and a stomper-rific Derek and Drew. Phil explains about figuring it out for yourself, and about the sealed envelopes, and about the Expo Hands. As he wonders aloud about the fate of Teri and Ian, we get a shot of Asshat that offers some enlightenment about why that Pepe Le Pew hat has been so ubiquitous -- man, the last time I saw an unnaturally dark comb-over that bad, I was watching Ron Popeil hawk I Can't Believe It's Not Hair! spray on TNN at 4:30 in the morning. Phil also wonders whether FloZach, JVJ, or Firecop -- the three remaining teams who still have their Fast Forward options -- will take the opportunity to shriek, charge, or wander (respectively) into the lead.

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